[ANNOUNCE] xproto 7.0.24

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Fri Mar 29 17:03:04 PDT 2013

It's been a year since the last x11proto release, so here's a small set
of changes that have accumulated in the meantime, including a new keysym
and portability fixes for a few platforms (MinGW, Solaris, x32).

Adam Jackson (1):
      configure: Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      Bug 51009: _X_RESTRICT_KYWD fix for g++ 4.6 & later on Solaris
      xproto 7.0.24

Colin Walters (1):
      autogen.sh: Implement GNOME Build API

Gaetan Nadon (1):
      config: replace obsolete AC_CONFIG_HEADER with with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS

James M Leddy (1):
      Add XF86XK_AudioMicMute

Sergei Trofimovich (1):
      Xmd.h: Treat __ILP32__ targets as LONG32 ones

Yaakov Selkowitz (2):
      Do not use visibility attributes on MinGW
      Adjust wrapping to work with MinGW-w64 headers

git tag: xproto-7.0.24

MD5:  9c0203c3bee4bac432ec504dc45712ed
SHA1: c05b5757174839644f2fd98c1b062150494b6b15
SHA256: 3698a1c7e3b734bc1139a7eb694ed8c66188658d6b4dea3d567066fe4e88b2fc

MD5:  de2230ee731c9ed8b94a84ce2e3ecbc3
SHA1: 763e97123c733410a7f52313189ce7ab88268234
SHA256: 4138362abc58f721e061db796c61621f5e8fa6234fb331c0456fec9d9ab24a05

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering - http://blogs.oracle.com/alanc
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