[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.21.5

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Thu Mar 21 02:10:14 PDT 2013

Release 2.21.5 (2013-03-21)
Haswell reintroduces a command to load the scanline window from the
command stream and so requires its own specialised wait-for-vsync routine
- failure to do so was then causing hangs when trying to do tearfree video
or use a compositor.

 * Prevent buffer leak if a non-fullscreen Window is closed with multiple
   pending swap events.

 * Fix offset transformation for fallback gradient paths.

 * Prevent Glamor from crashing if misconfigured.
   Thanks to Michel Dänzer.

 * Prevent UXA from crashing if torn down during PreInit.
   Thanks to Aaron Plattner.

 * Prevent miscompilation with different functional units having different
   compiler flags. Some functions were expected to be inlined and so
   recompiled with the current target. However, some compilers were
   choosing to emit subroutine calls instead without noticing that the
   ABI was different between the caller and callee - causing corruption.

 * Fix rendering of CompositeTriFan with recent Xorg.

 * Apply the video src-offset fix highlighted in the last release!
   A typo prevented the fix from working for gen4+.

 * Fix rendering of multiple glyphs to very large destination surfaces

 * Fix scanline waits for Haswell

Complete list of changes from 2.21.4

Aaron Plattner (1):
      uxa: don't crash when freeing an uninitialized screen

Chris Wilson (33):
      test: Try to exercise races between DRI2SwapBuffers and CloseWindow
      sna/dri: Reorder assert to avoid NULL dereference
      sna/dri: Free chained swaps upon CloseWindow
      sna/dri: Free the event on the impossible error path
      sna: Mark the userptr as a CPU mapping
      sna: Only allocate addition space if we need pixel data
      sna: Improve sna_copy_boxes DBG by printing the bo handles
      sna: Apply the source offset to the transform when fixing up gradients
      sna: Mark redirect proxies with a unique id
      sna: Improve asserts that the CPU bo is not busy after synchronisation
      sna: Missing git-add for 09862a85eba243b
      uxa/glamor: Prevent a crash when trying to load a misconfigured glamor
      sna/gen3: Reduce another use of transforms
      sna/gen3: Tweak code generation for gen3_emit_composite_primitive_identity_gradient__sse2
      sna/gen3: Tweak code generation for gen3_emit_composite_primitive_constant__sse2
      sna/gen4: Tweak compilation flags to avoid mixed settings across functions
      sna/trapezoids: Correct ordering of points within TriFran
      sna/trapezoids: Minimally replace points for TriFan
      sna: Add a few more assertions to track userptr through the caches
      sna: Use userptr downloads for incomplete GPU damaged pixmaps
      sna: Add handle info to sync DBG
      sna: Consider placement hints when choosing userptr read path
      sna/gen5+: Add missing float casts in computation of scaled src offsets
      sna: Add an LLC path for creating snoopable buffers
      sna/dri: Clear flush flag upon bo destroy
      sna: Don't remove the flush flag for userptr bo
      sna/dri: Fix stale Pixmap detection
      sna: Skip processing an all-clipped-out glyph
      sna: Add a pair of sanity checks before creating the redirection target
      sna: Reset operation state between glyphs
      sna: Ignore vsync waits on tiny scanline ranges
      sna: Haswell reintroduces MI_LOAD_SCAN_LINES
      2.21.5 release

git tag: 2.21.5

MD5:  0dac21775fc67149d1a8b61988b1386b  xf86-video-intel-2.21.5.tar.bz2
SHA1: 41aaf6ada255b4094cb6b6cab8f990079d676e29  xf86-video-intel-2.21.5.tar.bz2
SHA256: 0fd8265039bee8f8533e8bac4df8ba8f67a65a4e78763a4982980309b05fd954  xf86-video-intel-2.21.5.tar.bz2

MD5:  227841fb431952464be66c3ac6df1f2f  xf86-video-intel-2.21.5.tar.gz
SHA1: 48dcd0cb12ea4107db4a7e96c9ad6bcd53a7de2a  xf86-video-intel-2.21.5.tar.gz
SHA256: 1607ed08acd53a4590a3a99bf3f2672cf14b1d1cc5e1d5dfa507580a2abaa1cb  xf86-video-intel-2.21.5.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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