[ANNOUNCE] evtest 1.31

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Mon Jun 3 15:39:36 PDT 2013

evtest 1.31 is now available. evtest is a commandline utility to list
information and events about kernel input devices.

New feature in this version:
- EV_REP properties and values are now printed
- build system cleanups
- updated for some newer defines
Note that this release drops evtest-capture, which has not seen real updates
for way too long. evtest-capture is superseded by evemu.

evtest does not provide tarballs, please generate a snapshot from the git

git tag: evtest-1.31

Benjamin Tissoires (3):
      add missing symbols: ABS_MT_TOOL_X|Y, ABS_MT_DISTANCE, MSC_TIMESTAMP
      Drop evtest-capture references in autotools
      Print EV_REP properties and values of those properties

Mike Frysinger (3):
      use newer config headers macro
      ignore generated files
      add a configure flag to control xml behavior

Peter Hutterer (4):
      evtest-capture: support a few of the newer defines
      Drop evtest-capture
      Use versionsort instead of alphasort
      evtest 1.31

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