[ANNOUNCE] xhost 1.0.6

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Jul 16 23:25:30 PDT 2013

The xhost command modifies or reports the X server access control list.

This release removes a bunch of dead code for platforms that have been
unsupported since the Imake->autotools conversion, fixes some compiler
warnings for the remaining platforms, and fixes build issues for Win32
& MinGW.

Alan Coopersmith (14):
      Remove unused DECnet ("DNETCONN") code from xhost
      Remove unused TLI ("STREAMSCONN") code from xhost
      unifdef -UCRAY
      unifdef -ULynx
      unifdef -Uatt
      unifdef -UBAD_ARPAINET
      Assume signal handlers return void, as C89 requires
      Move dpy declaration from static to main() function
      Convert sprintf to snprintf in SECURE_RPC code
      Fix some integer sign/size conversion warnings flagged by clang
      Drop pre-POSIX signal handling support in favor of sigaction()
      Mark argument to nameserver_lost signal handler as unused
      Fix const warning for FamilyLocalHost empty address string
      xhost 1.0.6

Jon TURNEY (4):
      Use Xwinsock.h on WIN32
      Link with winsock for MinGW
      Provide dummy sethostent(),endhostent() for Win32 also
      If SIGALRM isn't available, don't use alarm() to timeout gethostaddr(), just wait

git tag: xhost-1.0.6

MD5:  f1669af1fe0554e876f03319c678e79d
SHA1: 6224c8bcd909bf205c7e92dbdc349356890c4428
SHA256: a6f5b922df0a7be5d3ba43f525fa8e69c539c738418f013a0b7adaa423a89dc2

MD5:  254f1edf4c010d529df7b4d5c0290880
SHA1: ec7e07e5b2d9396e23b6ca7c4445ce824927f6ce
SHA256: 3e727f4b569d941613f0b314a77ab4b732a0100b46a163de72838e2171323d14

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering - http://blogs.oracle.com/alanc
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