[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.21.15

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Wed Aug 21 07:26:43 PDT 2013

Release 2.21.15 (2013-08-21)
Some build fixes for the BSDs and alternate compiler, and conflicting
configure options and a critcial fix for some PRIME setups.

 * Don't fail to configure if DRI1 is not available and the user asks
   for both DRI and KMS-only
   [Regression from 2.21.14]

 * Lots of miscellaneous fixes for older gcc, other compilers and BSD.

 * Initial framework support for hosted X.

 * Improve transition from fbcon to X with multiple outputs and extended

 * Ensure the framebuffer exists before checking it against the CRTC
   [Regression from 2.21.10]

 * Add RGB overlay support for Ironlake and later.

 * Don't release the overlay buffer too early, i.e. before the client
   disables the Xv image.

 * Tweak the ring switching logic to reduce use of semaphores on
   Sandybridge and later - a delicate balancing act between trying to
   use the faster engine for the task and preventing concurrent use of
   multiple rings.

Complete list of changes since 2.21.14

Chris Wilson (50):
      sna: Define fast function attribute for old gcc or other compilers
      sna/trapezoids: Some minor DBG to investigate threaded rendering
      sna: Tweak threading thresholds
      sna: Rename the attribute macro __packed__ to avoid clang barfing
      sna: Update experimental create2 struct definition
      sna: Only use the experimental create2 if we support DISPLAY cacheing as well
      configure: Include the experimental features in the configuration summary
      sna/dri: Do not create a scanout-capable buffer if not flipping
      sna: Avoid leaking stolen framebuffer bo
      sna: Always reuse scanout bo where possible
      sna: Use create2 to allocate a DISPLAY bo even if we have not enough stolen
      configure: Only use XORG_TESTSET_CFLAG if defined
      sna: Check for EINVAL after mmapping
      sna: Rewrite the can-mmap-cpu test to handle stolen unclaimed bo
      intel: Disable incompatible features whilst hosted
      sna: Squelch a "valid" mode without a dotclock
      sna: Allow LLC to reuse any active write buffer
      sna: Tune pixmap_inplace() not to use a pinned busy GPU bo for replacement
      sna/glyphs: Micro-optimise glyph drawing
      sna/glyphs: Micro-optimise glyphs-to-dst
      sna: Remove the redundant clearing of kgem at startup
      sna: Avoid confusing conflicting CRTC probes vs a DRM race
      sna/gen7: Refine ring selection
      sna: Fix destination offset along memcpy composite fallback fastback
      sna: Reorder composite fallback migration to handle src==dst || mask==dst
      configure: Fix reversed check for XORG_TESTSET_CFLAG
      sna: Fix use of obsolete this_atlas in a DBG message
      configure: Correct the spelling of XORG_TESTSET_CFLAGS
      intel: Check for HW_SKIP_CONSOLE before use
      sna/glyphs: Do not attempt to release the negative cache lookup
      sna: Fix the assertions for the composite fb path
      sna: unwrap old modesetting API whilst hosted
      sna: Check that we successfully install the required hosting midlayer
      sna: Tile the old image onto the new framebuffer when enlarging
      sna: Rename sna_pixmap_get_bo()
      sna: Make sure the frontbuffer exists before doing pitch checks
      sna: Clip the tiled copy during framebuffer resize
      uxa: Restore the lost copyright block after splitting i965_reg.h from i915_reg.h
      sna/video: Don't assert on a client error, return BadAlloc
      sna/video: Expose an attribute to keep the overlay always on top
      sna/video: YUV420 is not supported by sprites, replace it with a RGB passthrough
      sna/video: Mark the sprite color key as changed when disabling
      sna/video: Keep a ref to the passthrough overlay bo
      sna: Make sure that external scanouts are immediately discarded
      sna/video: Turn off passthrough if given a zero name
      sna/video: Return the planar offset calculations to the planar branch
      sna/video: Initialise the UV offsets to 0 for packed formats
      sna: Do not force use of the CPU bo if replacing a busy GPU bo
      sna/gen6+: Tweak semaphore avoidance for composite operations
      2.21.15 release

Dave Airlie (1):
      configure.ac: fix dri enabled with kms only picked

Julien Cristau (3):
      Check for struct sysinfo as well as <sys/sysinfo.h>
      configure: use CPPFLAGS for xaa.h check, not CFLAGS
      Link the driver against pixman

Raul Fernandes (1):
      Micro-optimise box intersections

Sedat Dilek (1):
      Correct misspelled caching

git tag: 2.21.15

MD5:  8b646d257ace8197d6ab4e5ddeb8efb2  xf86-video-intel-2.21.15.tar.bz2
SHA1: 6952e6e1deff1c4580ddee472dbc2223c3248d0f  xf86-video-intel-2.21.15.tar.bz2
SHA256: 7d5a140f82a72fd1cbc8a664d66c3d4eca47ee240ca4927b8a98d7af6f65d6fc  xf86-video-intel-2.21.15.tar.bz2

MD5:  bc78684878a86e2b11fe08647b82c0db  xf86-video-intel-2.21.15.tar.gz
SHA1: 427abc06eb634a3e19f29f238b67dd6149068af4  xf86-video-intel-2.21.15.tar.gz
SHA256: fb733371a46a990285103a4a7864ec18733ad995ac2cf9acf5b9ab361cc1af02  xf86-video-intel-2.21.15.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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