xf86-video-openchrome 0.2.906

Xavier Bachelot xavier at bachelot.org
Tue May 15 14:24:31 PDT 2012


xf86-video-openchrome 0.2.906 has been released.

Changes are :
- VX900 Xv support.
- EXA is now the default although compositing is disabled.
- Fix EXA to not require XAA module in X server.
- Fix I420 Xv surface on CME engine.

Get the tarball from http://www.openchrome.org/releases/ or

MD5: 244507baf1900f1e923604c4a0f05925
SHA1: 1c49bf722326442393288db490ff48d437e337f9

MD5: d1831aae8dfcf5b5a5ae2df1143f9eb8
SHA1: 1d81160bd9eb8da2d7f2bfbb7eb05ed8a09e7d97

Please report bugs to openchrome-users at openchrome.org mailing list or
trac ticketing system at http://www.openchrome.org/trac/report

Kind regards,
the Openchrome team

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