[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.19.0 [resend]

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Tue May 1 03:47:06 PDT 2012

I sent this out over the weekend and never saw it arrive, so presuming
the announcement was lost in transit...

Release 2.19.0 (2012-04-29)
More stability fixes for UXA and support for another variant of IvyBridge.
Given the severity of the stability fixes, I strongly recommend everybody
to upgrade to 2.19.0.

* Prevent waiting on scanlines whilst not in control of the VT and therefore
  whilst referencing foreign CRTC configurations.

* Pixmap (and bo leak) during fallback glyph composition

* Remove broken acceleration for rendering glyphs directly upon the
  destination pixmap, exposed by cairo-1.12.0 (and coincidentally fix
  another Pixmap leak upon fallback handling).

* Add support for Ivy Bridge GT2 Server chipset [PCI id 0x016a]

* Remove broken damage flushing with CompositeRectangles

* Fix crash upon server start with multiple monitors

* Fix composition issues resulting from overly aggressive Pixmap reuse

Chris Wilson (229):
      legacy: Delete unused XF86DRI_DEVEL #define
      legacy: Rename XF86DRI to HAVE_DRI1 to avoid conflicts with xorg-server.h
      sna: Skip a tiled bo when searching the cache for a linear mmap
      sna: Ensure we trigger a retire for search_linear_cache
      sna/gen3+: Keep the vertex buffer resident between batches
      sna: Retain unfinished partial buffers between batches
      sna: Avoid reusing mmapped partial write buffers for readback
      sna: Upload the ordinary partial buffers!
      Revert "meh"
      sna/gen2; Initialise channel.is-opaque for fills
      uxa/gen3: Remove special casing of solid pictures
      sna/gen3: Tweak glyph rendering fast paths
      sna: Sort the partial buffers after stealing a write buffer
      sna: Discard use of inplace GTT uploads on LLC architectures
      sna: Revamp vmap support
      sna: Split storage of inactive partials
      sna/gen5: Help the compiler avoid an uncached read
      sna: Be careful not to discard the clear operation for move-region-to-cpu
      sna: Only discard the inplace flag for LLC partial buffers
      sna: Pass usage hint for creating linear buffers
      sna: Disable vmap on 965gm
      sna: Prevent backing pixmaps being created later
      sna: And fix compilation for last commit
      sna: Silence an assertion failure during shutdown
      sna: Align allocations with partial buffers to 64 bytes.
      sna: Encourage promotion of snooped CPU bo to real GPU bo
      sna: Fix assertion for checking inactive shadow buffers
      sna: Add some assertions to partial buffer list tracking
      sna: Flush dirty CPU damage before notifying the compositor
      sna/composite: Skip clipping the rectangle region against the singular clip
      sna/trapezoids: Ellide empty cells
      sna: Check for flush at the start of every WriteToClient
      sna: Only install the flush callback for the duration of the foriegn buffer
      sna: Defer the FlushCallback removal until after the next flush
      sna: Remove the 2-step damage flush
      sna/gen6: Add poor-man's linear implementation
      sna/gen7: Hook in the poor-man's linear gradient
      sna/gen5: Hook in the poor-man's linear gradient
      sna/gen4: Hook in the poor-man's linear gradient
      sna/gen2: Fix transformation of linear gradients
      sna: Restore checking for all-clipped-out for CompositeRectangles
      sna: Avoid recursive calls to kgem_retire_partials()
      sna: Convolution filter fixes
      sna: Do not reset partial buffers if they are not attached to the current batch
      sna/gen2+: Prefer not to fallback if the source is busy
      sna/dri: Use a counter for the number of DRI drawables attached to a pixmap
      sna: Becareful not to reduce operators for superluminal colors
      sna: Preserve the offset alignment when trimming unused rows from partials
      sna: Discard unbound partial buffers
      sna: Add some assertions around pixmap creation for render operations
      sna: Tidy marking pixmap->clear for CompositeRectangles
      sna/gen2+: Use the reduced operator from CompositeRectangles
      intel: Fix typo s/asert/assert/
      sna: Mark the pixmap for writing when creating the screen resources
      sna: Force the creation of a backing pixmap for scanout
      sna: Avoid NULL deference in DBG
      sna: Fix reversed logic for CREATE_NO_RETIRE
      sna: Fix handling of large glyphs following large and shared buffer work
      sna/gen6: Replace the memset with explict initialisation
      sna/traps: Unroll insertion sort
      sna/traps: Fix the initialisation of the error term for vertical mono edges
      sna: Emit a INFO when compiled with debugging enabled
      sna/traps: Remove some dead code
      sna/dri: Only delivered a delayed flip if the drawable is still on the root
      sna/traps: Apply somes simple but common operator reduction for clipmasks
      sna: Handle partial reads with a pending clear
      sna/traps: Add a fast path for narrow masks
      sna: Feed fallback mono trapezoids through the mono rasteriser
      sna: Make the maximum BLT pitch assertions consistent
      sna/trapezoids: Add paranoia to ensure that the span starts within the clip
      sna/trapezoids: Further improve the clipping criteria for inplace traps
      sna/display: Only flush pending output when installing a new scanout
      sna: Treat backing pixmaps no differently from their forward facing cousins
      sna/trapezoids: Reduce mono ADD/OVER against a clear background to a SRC
      sna: After move-to-gpu signals yes, force the GPU bo creation
      sna: Always reset the source counter after rendering to with the CPU
      sna: Prefer to render very thin trapezoids inplace
      sna: Reuse the same upload buffer for the duration of the batch
      sna: Reduce OVER with a clear pixmap to a BLT
      sna: Only use the cpu bo for xfer between CPU and GPU if either is busy
      sna/gen6: Remove the double application of the render offset
      sna: Refactor source upload-to-gpu
      sna: Destroy the cached upload buffer if before copying into it
      sna: Defer the release of the upload buffer cache till retirement
      sna: Reuse the cached upload as a source GPU bo
      sna/gen3: Look harder to see if we can indeed use the BLT for composite
      sna: Remove existing damage before overwriting with a composite op
      sna/traps: Rasterise using pixman inplace where appropriate
      sna/traps: Use a more direct fallback path for the CPU
      sna: Add a couple of asserts for inactive_partial reference counting
      sna: Don't mark cached upload buffers for inactivity expiration
      sna: Ellide no-op image glyphs
      sna: Avoid using kgem_bo_reference() internally
      sna/traps: Explicitly create an unattach pixmap for fallback
      sna: Disable tiling for single row pixmaps (unless required for hw limits)
      sna: Treat unmapped but CPU-mappable bo as available for mapping
      sna/damage: Handle a reduced damage rather than assert
      sna/traps: Fix off-by-one for filling vertical segments in tor_inplace
      sna/traps: dst IN WHITE does not reduce to SRC!
      uxa: Kill the complicated in-flight tracking
      uxa: Simplify flush tracking
      uxa: Remove unused tracking of the current render target
      uxa: Remove unused render_mask_solid members
      uxa/i915: Remove broken CA pass, fallback to magic 2-pass composite helper
      uxa: Simplify allocation of backing pixmap
      sna: Fixup the shadow pixmap pointer for move-to-gpu
      sna: Prefer the CPU bo for uploads if last access was not through the shadow
      sna: Correct the order of screen private teardown
      sna/traps: Remove the old paths for mono inplace traps
      sna/traps: Make the inline u8 arithmetic more robust
      sna/traps: Tune nonzero_row
      sna/traps: Micro-optimise span emission
      sna/gen3: Micro-optimise solid span emission
      sna/dri: Improve handling of non-front attachments for CopyRegion
      sna/dri: Mesa expects the 8-bit stencil buffer to have 2-bytes per pixel
      sna/traps: Tune inplace_end_subrows()
      sna/traps: Align indices for unrolled memset in row_inplace()
      sna/traps: Upon reducing an ADD to a SRC, we need to apply the pending clear
      sna/gen[345]: Convert CPU mappings to GTT for vertices on submit
      sna/traps: Apply some more operator and unbounded reductions
      sna: Fixup the cpu shadow mappings before uploading the box
      sna/gen3: Prevent copy-fallback if we cannot blit
      sna/gen3: Do not force tiling for large pixmaps
      sna/gen3: Improve clear-to-solid reduction
      sna/traps: Remove separate edge->vertical flag
      sna/dri: Make the drawable as damaged for the off-screen immediate exchange
      sna: Declare videoRam correctly on gen2 devices
      uxa: Defer the call to EnterVT till after outputs are initialised
      sna/traps: Remove bogus assertion
      sna: Decouple the private data after UnrealizeFont
      sna: Remove the short-circuiting of move-to-cpu for read if no damage
      sna: Tidy an assertion when handling tiled copies
      sna: Fallback to inplace upload if forced to tile the indirect replacement
      sna: Assert that the tiled blt is correctly clipped
      sna: Assert that the bo created is large enough
      sna: Force fallbacks if the destination is unattached
      sna: Adjust the damage region for the composite offset
      sna: Correctly test for clear glyphs when searching for ones to skip
      sna: Update the target bo after changing from Y tiling
      sna: Make the fallback debugging messages more consistent
      configure: Stop the debug build erroring out if it cannot find valgrind
      uxa: Remove hook for CompositeRectangles
      sna/gen2+: Approximate expensive gradients when using imprecise rendering
      sna: Remove bogus assertion of no references to in-flight upload buffers
      sna/gen6: Reduce opaque solid OVER to SRC for render composite
      sna/traps: Fix the width of the left-hand edge of an unaligned box
      sna/traps: Prefer to try mono spans on the GPU before trying inplace CPU
      sna: Fix up 32-bit overflow for maximum object size calculation
      sna: Add video sprite support for ILK+
      sna/gen7: Allow per-device specific maxima
      uxa: Remove broken render glyphs-to-dst
      sna/traps: Align the pointer not the indices
      sna/traps: Align the pointer+index
      sna: Separate out scanline waiting for gen4
      sna: Minimise the risk of hotplug hangs by checking fb before vsync
      sna: Assert that drawing boxes are within bounds
      sna: Fix assertion to look at bbox of all boxes/points
      sna: Apply composite offset to damage for spans fast paths
      sna/gen3+: Fix sampling of borders around gradients
      sna/gen4: Remove the accidental debugging hack from the last commit
      sna: Use the solid spans fast paths for dashed zero-width lines as well
      sna: Debugging flil spans and their clipping
      sna: Apply CoordMode when computing point extents
      sna/gen3: Convert the clear-color from picture->format to a8r8g8b8
      sna/gen3: Fix pre-multiplication of mask value
      sna/gen3: Don't force use of the render pipeline just for vmap
      sna: Only engage the GPU detiler for multiple rows
      sna: Remove redundant check from tor_inplace()
      sna: Use a sentinel value to prevent accessing beyond the end of the y_buckets
      sna: Relase the upload cache when overwriting with PutImage
      sna/glyphs: Prefer a temporary upload mask for large glyph masks
      sna: Correct the damage offset for redirected rendering
      sna/video: Only wait upon the scanout pixmap
      sna/gradient: Compute the absolute delta between color stops
      sna: Release cached upload buffers when reusing a write buffer for readback
      sna/gen3: Reset accumulated constants for each composite
      sna: Correct partial-write flag for PolySegments fallback
      sna: Remove the duplicated check for use-bo? in PolySegments
      sna: Compress adjoining spans during FillSpans
      sna: Add some assertions for misuse of proxies
      sna/traps: Assert that the inplace row is contained before writing
      sna/traps: Use a temporary variable for the write pointer
      sna: Add assertions around proxy list handling
      sna: Only move the bo into the read domain for readback
      sna: Repeat expire whilst there remaining outstanding requests
      sna: Release partial buffers during cache expiration
      sna: Check for an inactive partial buffer to reuse after retiring requests
      sna: Release the freed bo cache upon expire
      sna: Add missing alloc failure check for creating tile source
      sna: Fix typo and use the right pointer for kgem_bo_destroy
      sna: Fix shadowed variable
      sna: Check ioctl return from set-domain
      sna: Declare AC_SYS_LARGEFILE for mmap64
      sna: Revert use of mmap64()
      sna: Restore CPU domain for vmapped buffers when reusing
      sna: Draw dashed PolyLines twice, once for the fgPixel, once for the bgPixel
      sna: Don't use miSpan code for wide-spans by default, too expensive
      sna: Remove the conflicting assertion during GTT map
      sna: Limit the buffer reuse for mappable uploads to only those with mmaps
      sna: Relax bogus assertion
      sna: Avoid using TILING_Y for large objects on gen2/3
      sna: Align render target sizes on gen2/3 to 4x4 render spans
      sna: Align redirect subsurfaces to 2x2 or 4x4 render spans
      sna: Align texture subsurfaces to 2x2 texture samples
      sna: Avoid leaking the plane resources when determining sprite planes
      uxa: Fix leak of glyph mask for unhandled glyph composition
      sna: Don't assert exported buffers are not busy
      Don't issue a scanline wait while VT switched
      sna/dri: Decouple the frame event info after attaching along error paths
      sna: Increase the render target alignment to 4 pixels on gen4+ as well
      sna: Don't consider upload proxies as being on the GPU for render targets
      sna: Discard proxy upload buffer if we choose to render to it
      sna: Always clear the mmapped domains when reusing  partial upload buffers
      sna: Remove the assertions that the cached upload buffers are active
      sna/dri: Always clear the scanout when destroying dri2 buffers
      sna: Clear the domain tracking after attaching the bo to scanout
      sna: Do not automagically convert GTT mappings on untiled scanout to CPU
      sna/gen7: Apply more recent improvements from SNB perf tuning
      sna/gen7: Add CS stall before changing WM binding table
      sna: Fixup broken assertion
      sna: Micro-optimise common case of checking a single fenced bo
      sna: Tweak placement choice for high-overhead operations
      sna: Tweak semaphores-enabled heuristic
      sna/gen6: Allow ring switching at the start of a batch
      sna: PolyPoint only uses the gc->fgPixel
      sna: Tune relocation array size
      configure: Version bump for 2.19.0 release
      legacy/i810: hwmc additionally depends upon building DRI

Eugeni Dodonov (1):
      Add support for Ivy Bridge GT2 Server chipset

Paulo Zanoni (1):
      Avoid duplicated code with intel_output_create_ranged_atom

Thierry Reding (1):
      configure: Keep passed-in CFLAGS for DRI tests

git tag: 2.19.0

MD5:  f397bddfc88d4c9b30b56526c1e02e8e  xf86-video-intel-2.19.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: 131934cf5e90bd48c883804cc644c4cb8b1de100  xf86-video-intel-2.19.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: 32133d61b14ce3b45b83a60e4ed8eb75159259d708f056144250aaeabf16e4bc  xf86-video-intel-2.19.0.tar.bz2

MD5:  a5e655904e8da22acb0d9be1badf9815  xf86-video-intel-2.19.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 63638c8193badebdc307f633402a3413a84c2119  xf86-video-intel-2.19.0.tar.gz
SHA256: 84c5eeeeb910b4924e85d17551e8aad8f348caee8924ef73cb52dea52923ba22  xf86-video-intel-2.19.0.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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