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Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Mar 13 16:37:22 PDT 2012

This is the first RC for synaptics 1.6. I expect the release to happen quite
soon, though I still need to trawl through the bugzilla for dealbreakers.

Below is the full changelog, the most notable features are the addition of
multitouch support and support for ClickPads. ClickPads are touchpads that
don't have physical buttons but instead the touchpad itself works as a
button (or two, in some cases).
These ClickPads have a new property for the configuration of software
buttons, see the man page for more details.

When building with MT support enabled, mtdev is required.

Alexandr Shadchin (2):
      On/Off hooks to return boolean so we can bail out of the caller
      The correct maximum values for pressure and finger width

Benjamin Otte (1):
      eventcomm: Fix initialization code

Casper Dik (1):
      Extra buttons on Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop touchpad are not recognized

Chase Douglas (35):
      Allocate axis labels array dynamically
      Add touch device class support
      eventcomm: Initialize touch device and axes
      eventcomm: Read evdev events from mtdev where multitouch is available
      eventcomm: Add touch event handling
      Ensure delta computation does not go crazy
      Only move the cursor when one touch is on a touchpad
      Don't emit touch sequences if only one touch is active
      Don't initialize touch state if device does is not multitouch
      Don't initialize semi-multitouch devices for touch device class
      Revert "Replace the motion estimator"
      Allocate proto data in eventcomm-test
      Introduce SynapticsHwStateAlloc() and SynapticsHwStateFree()
      Transition eventcomm-test to new SynapticsHwState instantiation scheme
      Allocate SynapticsHwStruct for local function use
      Allocate SynapticsPrivate.comm->hwState
      Allocate priv->hwState
      Introduce SynapticsCopyHwState function
      Rename num_touches to max_touches
      Add touch valuator mask to hw state structure
      Add open_slots array to SynapticsPrivate
      Move X touch event processing into synaptics.c
      Filter touch events if click actions are enabled
      Filter touch events if tap actions are enabled
      Filter touch events if two-finger scrolling is enabled
      Prefer multitouch over single-touch axis ranges
      Update touch state when device is off too
      Don't use linear regression when calculating touchpad motion deltas
      Add clickpad device property
      Add cumulative_d{x,y} to SynapticsHwState
      Enable clickpad click and drag with two fingers
      Disable scrolling when beginning a clickpad press
      Calculate touch data for semi-mt devices, but don't send touch events
      Add soft button areas property
      Ignore motion during touch count changes on semi-mt devices

Cyril Brulebois (1):
      Revert: "eventcomm: replace synaptics-custom TEST_BIT with server's BitIsOn."

Daniel Stone (17):
      Shuffle include order around
      Bump minimum xorg-server requirement to 1.7
      Properties: Generalise InitTypedAtom from InitAtom
      Add HIST_DELTA macro for differences in history
      Give FingerState enums explicit values
      Introduce POLL_MS for packet frequency
      Use CARD32 for timestamps
      Don't store fake events in the motion history
      Update count_packet_finger in store_history, not get_delta
      Scroll: Clarify rep_buttons assignment
      Scroll: Move scroll_[xya] into new priv->scroll struct
      Scroll: Move coasting variables to priv->scroll
      Scroll: Modify ScrollData in repeat_scrollbuttons
      Adjust acceleration scheme for input ABI v14
      Scroll: Prepare ScrollData for smooth scrolling
      Scroll: Initial smooth scrolling support
      Constify priv->device

Derek Foreman (6):
      Fix pressure->motion property format
      Use hardware time where possible
      Replace the motion estimator
      More accurate extrapolated fake motion events
      Revise palm check logic
      Scroll: Add last_millis to track scroll event timing

JJ Ding (1):
      fix wrong finger width range

Peter Hutterer (35):
      Bump to 1.5.99
      Fix compiler warning: unused variable "wakupTime"
      man: note that a PS/2 device is not supported
      test: wrap ABI 14 xf86OptionRec type changes
      Fix compiler warning - unused variable 'para'
      eventcomm: print strerror(errno), not of rc
      Use the scroll distances as increment for scrolling valuator axes
      Return true/false from SetDeviceAndProtocol
      If protocol is auto-dev and the device path is set, unset the protocol
      test: fix build errors introduced by upstream server change
      Remove unused variable 'thr'
      test: fix build error introduced in 9f9b55ab55ed5
      synclient: fix indentation of "format mismatch" parameters
      Remove compiler warning: unused variable "atom"
      Submit the right number of MT axes
      Fix build error if HAVE_MTDEV is false
      Revert "Don't store fake events in the motion history"
      synclient: accept XA_CARDINAL as 32-bit type (#46330)
      Fix scoll increment for non-smooth scrolling (#46617)
      Fix horiz/vert scroll delta mixup
      Always require mtdev on eventcomm
      Fix build error - duplicate typedef (#47168)
      tools: add hysteresis support to synclient
      If the middle button timeout is 0, don't even attempt to emulate.
      Use arrays for st->mt scaling
      Move st->mt scaling to helper function
      Move filtering into a separate function
      Move resetting hw state to separate function.
      Add an old_hw_state field to remember the last values
      Only handle ClickFingers on left button press events
      Add a BTN_EMULATED_FLAG to mark emulated buttons on clickfingers
      Disable middle mouse button emulation on clickpads
      Guess the number of clickpad ClickFingers based on finger distance
      Soft buttons are only available on clickpad devices, disable them otherwise.

Peter Zotov (1):
      Implement a workaround for Elantech touchpads

git tag: xf86-input-synaptics-

MD5:  d0c28aa15887deca4051ffea67b31d64  xf86-input-synaptics-
SHA1: 8836b1c2bf443b2c11f38457e203c5309698d9d0  xf86-input-synaptics-
SHA256: da37ec8100dab7f370bcc06bec664298b6c16f39c0b8b900e53024d3d0a4a526  xf86-input-synaptics-

MD5:  f7699d332969101b8939c2ab2c4170e7  xf86-input-synaptics-
SHA1: c36842476cd94d928e4f956ecb1fc225a7dbe610  xf86-input-synaptics-
SHA256: 04b1d7a283ff17cdf616f30b1c1530a9cc0fcbbc6b6cba560042ed0f3e891f18  xf86-input-synaptics-

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