[ANNOUNCE] libXrender 0.9.7

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Wed Mar 7 20:52:36 PST 2012

libXrender is the Xlib-based client API for the Render extension.

This minor maintenance release includes some bug fixes, some compiler
warning fixes, some documentation typo fixes, some build configuration 
fixes, and some janitorial fixes - a little something for everyone to
fixate on.

Aaron Plattner (1):
      Fix some minor typos

Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Make DEPTH_MASK generate unsigned ints
      Strip trailing whitespace
      libXrender 0.9.7

Emanuele Giaquinta (1):
      Fix alpha premultiplication in XRenderParseColor.

Fernando Carrijo (1):
      Purge macros NEED_EVENTS and NEED_REPLIES

Gaetan Nadon (3):
      config: remove AC_PROG_CC as it overrides AC_PROG_C_C99
      config: replace deprecated AM_CONFIG_HEADER with AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
      config: comment, minor upgrade, quote and layout configure.ac

git tag: libXrender-0.9.7

MD5:  ee62f4c7f0f16ced4da63308963ccad2
SHA1: 6e4d75d8316d5217324258f555eba3a5d383feb2
SHA256: f9b46b93c9bc15d5745d193835ac9ba2a2b411878fad60c504bbb8f98492bbe6

MD5:  b6702e6f56f9d9103dc688f4336529a9
SHA1: 8463ff5f1ea2db1a6d0e50b28d30b8c6ea6bb538
SHA256: 89f36e896018f5b8c00768af59e052019ae79fab69a647eb1fe61b565d7dd18e

	-Alan Coopersmith-              alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
	 Oracle Solaris Engineering - http://blogs.oracle.com/alanc
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