[ANNOUNCE] libdrm 2.4.36

Ben Widawsky ben at bwidawsk.net
Wed Jun 27 10:57:26 PDT 2012

Context API and wait render timeout API added to libdrm for Intel.

Unfortunately, I botched fixing intel decode, so there are a bunch of
bogus commits in here. Sorry :-(.

Ben Widawsky (10):
      intel: Add IVB PUSH_CONSTANT decodes
      intel: wait render timeout implementation
      intel/decode: add sampler state pointers for [HD]S
      intel/decode: VERTEX_ELEMENT_STATE, 1 means valid
      intel: updated header for contexts
      intel/context: Add drm_intel_context type
      intel/context: new execbuf interface for contexts
      intel: add decoding of MI_SET_CONTEXT
      Revert "intel/decode: VERTEX_ELEMENT_STATE, 1 means valid"
      intel/decode: fix the reference file for

Dave Airlie (1):
      radeon/surface: free version after using it.

Jerome Glisse (3):
      radeon: always properly initialize stencil_offset field
      radeon: enabled 2D tiling for evergreen only on fixed kernel
      radeon: force 1D array mode for z/stencil surface

Marcin Slusarz (1):
      nouveau: silence some remaining valgrind warnings

Michel Dänzer (1):
      autogen.sh: Restore passing --enable-maintainer-mode to configure.

Paulo Zanoni (2):
      Add support for generic object properties IOCTLs
      modetest: print CRTC properties

Rob Clark (3):
      Add support for bitmask properties
      modetest: support bitmask properties
      modetest: support plane properties

git tag: libdrm-2.4.36

MD5:  5e6e2de9e3c338bf2b091376a672d16b  libdrm-2.4.36.tar.bz2
SHA1: bbf0efd37e806ea7fa83fab19e032eac1cdc775f  libdrm-2.4.36.tar.bz2
SHA256: cc36fc57af65b5d4107e55112dcff38ab8d729cd6934b33329e69ef42d8894bc  libdrm-2.4.36.tar.bz2

MD5:  6139f45b4fc51b30abdb7b59716ee5ab  libdrm-2.4.36.tar.gz
SHA1: 2bf316f8809ac29a94f027e8a25609daf561b213  libdrm-2.4.36.tar.gz
SHA256: 4827d134736fd139a1333e6ae2698bda0ec3eb7c22dfe97db3fc3a25325eabc5  libdrm-2.4.36.tar.gz

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