[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.20.0

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Sun Jul 15 12:35:31 PDT 2012

First the big news, a new acceleration method that aims to be faster and
consume far less CPU than UXA is now available for selection at runtime.
This snazzy new architecture can be selected through use of
  Option "AccelMethod" "sna"
in your xorg.conf. Whilst it has been under development for some time, it
has not yet had the same degree of widespread testing of UXA, so tread
lightly. Try it and if you spot anything that can be improved, please do
report a bug.

Otherwise we have the usual smattering of bug fixes for UXA:

 * Use a white source whilst adding glyphs to the glyph mask
   (This fixes blank glyphs if using a font that mixes ARGB and A glyphs.)

 * Avoid fallbacks for glyph-to-dst in e.g. gnome-terminal

 * Force unused outputs off when VT switching

 * Copy the fbcon across to the Screen pixmap at startup.
   (This patch has been kicking around in the distributions for years.)

 * Many missed malloc failures checks and forgotten frees found by a static
   analyzer. Thanks Zdenek Kabelac!

 * Leak of the back buffer when terminating an application after pageflipping

 * Double check that the pipe is on before emitting a WAIT_ON_EVENT.
   In conjunction with an uptodate kernel, this should eliminate any
   hangs when changing resolutions or adding/removing displays.

 * Update to new Xorg APIs. Future proofing for the next generation of
   hotplug Xorg display servers.

Many thanks to everyone who has reported a bug and otherwise helped to
improve the driver.

Chris Wilson (456):
      sna: Fast-path unclipped glyphs
      sna: Only attempt to reuse exported scanout buffers
      sna: Fallback for glyphs too large for XY_TEXT_IMMEDIATE
      sna: Always try to operate inplace if we an LLC gpu bo
      sna: Bring back the minimum alignment for G33
      sna: Avoid reducing damage for synchronisation
      sna/gen7: Fix debug printing of primitives
      sna: Improve handling of inplace IO for large transfers
      sna: Don't discard GPU buffer if we only want to read back for the operation
      sna: Minor glyph fallback fixes
      sna/dri: Balance flush counting
      sna: Debug option to force particular upload/download paths
      sna: Fix offset for combining damage
      sna: Remove extraneous SCANOUT flags
      sna: Maintain a reference to the chain of proxies
      sna: Compile fix for fresh assertion
      sna: Ensure drawables are clipped against the pixmap before migration
      sna/dri: pageflip unref debugging
      sna: Cache the framebuffer id
      sna/dri: Only track a single pending flip across all pipes
      sna: Add a pair of asserts to track down a NULL pointer dereference
      sna/gen2+: Fix typo for computing redirected extents for render copy
      sna: Remove short-circuiting for large font fallbacks
      sna: Replace timerfd with OsTimer
      sna: Manually execute the timer as TimerForce does not run an inactive timer
      sna: Update select timeout when installing a timer in the block handler
      sna: Use the correct invocation of kgem_bo_destroy() for sanity-checks
      sna/gen[345]: Clear used vertices when discarding unmappable vbo
      sna: Expand batch buffers
      sna: Rate-limit and shrink bo usage if we hit system resource limits
      sna: Throttle execution when searching for inactive buffers
      sna: Throttle independently of scanout updates
      sna: Only submit a batch to the scanout if it is not already busy
      sna: Fix off-by-one in checking available execbuffer slots
      sna: Only avoid ring switching for indirect uploads
      sna: Force remapping for IO transfer
      sna: Respect the error terms when reversing the PolyLine DDA
      sna: Avoid randomly changing domains of active bo
      sna: Avoid doubling the final step of poly lines
      sna: Include a small amount of timer-slack to avoid very short sleeps
      sna: Correct adjustment of LineCap for rectilinear segments
      sna: Include some DBG for segment drawing
      sna: handle vmap creation failures gracefully
      sna: Fix off-by-one in computation of width for inplace trapezoids
      sna: Flush the batch before blocking if the GPU is idle
      sna: Optimise kgem_clear_dirty() by keeping dirty buffers at the front
      sna: Flush batch if GPU is idle upon wakeup
      sna: Simplify partial buffer tracking
      sna: Tweak usage of kgem_bo_can_map vs kgem_bo_mapped
      sna: Trim unused partial buffer uploads
      sna/trapezoids: Do not reduce SRC to a clear pixmap to unbounded
      sna/trapezoids: Fix picture creation for fallback trapezoids
      sna: Use the correct storage for box_from_seg
      sna/gen3: Fix pre-multiplication of opacity masks
      sna: Assign GCops after checking for fallback to pass sanity checks
      sna/io: Assert that we do not replace a bo->flush object
      sna/glyphs: Pass the extents to the backend for preparing to composite glyphs
      sna: Track flushing status of live bo
      Revert "sna: Always try to operate inplace if we an LLC gpu bo"
      sna: Don't consider uploading inplace if the dst bo is unmappable
      sna/traps: Fix processing of full-steps
      sna: Give the proxy a unique name
      sna: Emit a new batch if we need to clip after PolyText without space
      sna/gen7: Trim a dead assignment
      sna: Confirm that the modeset takes
      sna: Add a log message for the change of CRTC mode
      sna: Only override active on DPMSModeOff
      sna: Force config restoration after VT switch
      sna: Remove incorrect assertion for mode restoration
      sna: Swallow disconnection event upon mode restoration
      sna/dri: Avoid confusion of attempting to exchange pixmaps for DPMS-off flips
      sna: Keep checking retirement for flushing list
      sna: Suppress modesetting errors on return from VT switch
      sna: Only mark an unattached output as inactive
      sna: Add some more DBG tracepoints around modesetting
      uxa: Only consider an output valid if the kernel reports it attached
      sna: Query CRTC states following a hotplug event
      sna/trapezoids: Correct rounding for downsampling onto sample grid
      Allow runtime switching of AccelMethod between uxa/sna and even glamor
      Only create a single instance of the intel_options array
      sna: Trust the crtc-is-bound determination after modeset and hotplug
      sna: Check the bus type before declaring probe success
      sna: Perform the selftest after probing
      sna: Fix typo for debug compilation
      sna: Validate all CRTCs after updating one
      sna: Search the inactive bo cache for a mappable upload buffer
      sna: Use magic upload buffers for video textures
      sna: Add some debugging to show count of outstanding requests during retire
      sna/dri: Requeue vblank throttling until the vsync'ed copy completes
      sna/dri: Enable handling for Option "SwapBuffersWait"
      sna/dri: Tweak vblank_mode=n swapbuffers to account for throttle delay
      Mark another couple of options as being UXA only.
      uxa/dri: Fix ordering of setting vs using swap members
      uxa/dri: Enable vblank scheduling even with pageflipping disabled
      sna: Only wait if there is a suitable active buffer
      sna: Add a little bit more verbosity to cursor routines for valgrind
      sna: Make sna_crtc_is_bound() valgrind clean
      sna: Make AddFB valgrind clean
      sna: Make sna_crtc_apply() valgrind clean
      sna: Just use the CRTC id from the array
      sna: Make sna_copy_fbcon() valgrind clean
      sna/dri: Make WAIT_VBLANK valgrind clean
      sna: Use the local function for turning the cursor off prior to release
      sna: Bump experimental ioctl number for vmap
      sna: Trim the set of includes
      sna: Make GetEncoder() valgrind clean
      sna: Make GetEDID valgrind clean.
      sna: Make finding DPMS property valgrind clean
      sna: Also check for a free exec slot for the upload buffers
      sna/overlay: Restore one xf86drm.h include
      sna/overlay: Replace drmCommand with direct invocations of drmIoctl
      sna: Fix chunking for large stipples
      sna/overlay: Handle return from GETPARAM query correctly
      sna/sprite: Restore another xf86drm.h
      Mark a few more options as being UXA specific
      sna: Ensure we flush scanout even when otherwise idle.
      sna: Convert remaining drmCommands to drmIoctl
      sna: Don't attempt to flush scanout if unattached
      sna/glyphs: use add(WHITE, glyph, mask) for channel expansion
      sna: Use full 16-bit unsigned values for absolute differences
      sna: Avoid mixing signed/unsigned int/int16 arithmetric
      sna/glyphs: Fix upconverting of glyphs via gpu
      sna: Suppress flushes once we have cleared the kernel dirtiness
      sna/trapezoids: Apply the drawable offset for the CPU migration
      sna/glyphs: Don't apply drawable offsets twice
      sna/composite: Add debugging modes to disable acceleration
      sna/glyphs: Clip the damage to the drawable for unclipped glyphs-to-dst
      sna: Prevent readback of 1x1 if it lies inside CPU damage
      sna: If the CPU damage already contains the migration region, we are done
      sna: And combine the two migrate to CPU clauses
      sna: Add some more DBG for stippled blts
      sna: Fix computation of box for clipped stippled rectangles
      sna: Fill early break for clip process of spans
      sna: Handle negative values when computing the stipple modulus
      test: Exercise basic rectangle drawing code
      sna: Debug XDrawRectangle
      test: Add a very basic test to exercise BLT text drawing
      sna: Tiny DBG message tweak
      sna/trapezoids: Correct extents declaration for fallback
      sna: Fix a smattering of static analysis warnings
      sna/dri: Fix typo, check for NULL after allocations to spot failure!
      sna/io: Free the heap clip boxes on error paths
      sna/trapezoids: Check for malloc failure
      sna: Fix potential deference of NULL cpu_bo inside assertion
      sna/gen3+: Guard against a kgem_bo_destroy(NULL)
      uxa: Static analysis warning fixes
      sna: Drop return value from 3D point transform
      sna: Replace invalid signed value with unsigned ~0 for uint8_t
      sna: NameForAtom may return NULL
      sna: Check gradient allocations during init
      sna/gradient: Reuse old gradient bo if allocation of new fails
      uxa: Fix reallocation of XVAdaptors array
      uxa: Remove 'render_source_is_solid' dead code
      uxa: Intialize is_glamor_pixmap
      uxa: Use unsigned bitfields for single bits
      uxa: NameForAtom may return NULL
      uxa/i965: Make the unhandled allocation failures explicit
      legacy/i810: Fix memset(sizeof(*ptr)) rather than memset(sizeof(ptr))
      legacy/i810/dri: Propagate failure from allocating texture memory
      legacy/i810/video: Release memory after creating adaptors
      sna: Prevent NULL deref with early termination and DBG enabled
      sna: Add a DBG message to indicate flushing for GPU idle
      sna: Remove some unused members from the KMS state tracking
      sna/gen7: Add DBG for ring switching
      sna: Add some DBG to retreiving EDID
      sna: Prefer to use memset() for extremely large clears
      sna: Clear the counters prior to querying the property
      sna/trapezoids: Implement trapezoidal opaque fills inplace
      sna: Silence a compiler warning for loss of 'const' qualifier
      sna/debug: Assert the non-existence of the relocation handle at source
      ux/i965: create_sampler_state_bo() expects enums, so feed it the right types
      sna: Make the ignored return value explicit
      sna: Free clip boxes (if allocated) along error path
      legacy/i810: Free offscreen image info struct on failure
      uxa/dri: Make sure is_glamor_pixmap is always initialised
      uxa/dri: Free wait_info along DRI2WaitMSC error paths
      legacy/i810: Reorder DRI teardown code to avoid potential NULL derefs
      legacy/i810: Remove unused variable
      sna/gen4+: Use an explicit invalid value for alu
      sna/gen2: Remove double 'const'
      uxa/i965: Drop superfluous 'state' variable
      uxa: check for failure to allocate drmModeCrtc
      sna: Be paranoid and guard against xf86GetPciInfoForEntity
      uxa: Be paranoid and guard against xf86GetPciInfoForEntity
      legacy/i810: Be paranoid and guard against xf86GetPciInfoForEntity
      sna: Check that the buffer was allocated prior to caching it
      uxa: Preferred order for calloc is (count, size)
      legacy/i810: Silence a compiler warning for missing 'const'
      uxa/shadow: Free the buffer along the unexpected failure to attach to the pixmap
      uxa: Check for failure from drmModeGetConnector()
      sna: Simplify selecting default tiling for framebuffers
      sna: Remove bogus check for color == 0
      sna: Make the bo-is-busy DBG more useful by saying which bo it is
      sna: Exclude consideration of tiling flags from overwriting BLT commands
      uxa/i965: Silence static analyser by asserting the bo exists for the video
      sna: Maintain the operation on the CPU if not completely replacing all-damaged
      sna: Add inline keyword in conjunction with attribute(always_inline)
      sna/gen2+: Tweak placement of operations for CPU-bound large pixmaps
      sna: Try to create Y-tiled pixmaps for initial source bo
      uxa: Check for DPMS off before scheduling a WAIT_ON_EVENT
      sna/damage: Add some assertions to validate that each damage box is non-empty
      uxa/dri: Do not use undeclared stdbool features
      sna: Use GPU for readback onto CPU bo
      sna: Perform CopyArea directly onto a CPU bo if available
      uxa/dri: Transfer reference of the new_back buffer to the flip_chain
      uxa/dri: Fix up typo from f2513cb0f
      sna: Add some missing 'fall through' comments
      legacy/i810/dri: Check for malloc failure for BusIdString
      sna: Silence a few unused function warnings
      uxa/i915: check for failure to allocate temporary destination
      uxa/dri: Silence static analyser for potential NULL intel_pixmap
      sna: Silence static analyser complaining about potential NULL pointer
      sna/gen4+: Add missing "fall through" comments
      uxa: Remove dead-code for SourcePictures
      sna: Check against integer overflows when computing cache size
      sna: Suppress DBG prints along potential SIGIO paths
      sna: Actually create Y-tiled source pixmaps
      sna/trapezoids: Micro-optimise cell allocation
      sna/dri: Disable experimental code by default
      sna: Skip flushing the active queue if there is not a suitable bo pending
      sna: Add DBG spew to flink()
      Make the enum list of options consistent with the actual table.
      sna: Remove option to disable vmap
      configure: Harden --with-default-accel against simple mistakes
      configure: Correct the help string for --with-default-accel
      sna: Instrument memory/bo allocations for monitoring over time
      sna: Remove a pair of empty stub functions
      sna: Hook up AdjustFrame()
      sna: Refresh the damage self-tests
      sna/damage: Simplify initialisation of damage extents
      sna/damage: Remove unused return value
      sna: Free clip intersection with line extents after use
      sna: Only reuse a write buffer if all external references have been dropped
      sna: Free clip rectangles after intersection with PolyRectangle extents
      sna: Free the reversed glyph bits along with the font
      sna: Fix memleak from sna_crtc_find_plane()
      Lots of trivial semantic fixes
      sna: Use long for simplicity when printing size_t values for debugging
      sna: Fix operator preference around a | b & c | d
      sna: Only reduce damage addition to a region operation if clean
      sna: Explicitly disable the CRTC so that xserver/kernel agree after VT switch
      sna: Supporting overlapping copies for fallback blits
      sna: Reset damage extents after reduction goes to zero
      sna: Make the disable-unused after vt switch distinct from DPMS off
      uxa: Force the outputs to off for consistency with xf86DisableUnusedFunctions()
      sna: Fix reversed assertion
      sna: Add a little bit more DBG to migration IO paths
      sna: Specialise the self-copy blitter to handle vertically overlapping copies
      sna: Check for zero-sized damage regions after trimming Windows to their pixmaps
      sna: Silence a few compiler warnings
      sna: Remove mark-as-cpu after gem_pread
      sna: Don't trim prepare for glyphs_via_mask
      sna: Tweaks for DBG missing glyphs through fallbacks
      sna: Prefer to operate inplace if already mapped of the GPU is wholly dirty
      sna/gen3: Add another DBG for dropping vbo
      sna: Tweak placement of operations
      sna: Composite glyphs inplace if the CPU is already all-damaged
      sna: Composite traps inplace if the CPU is already all-damaged
      sna: Inspect CPU damaged state when deciding upon Composite placement
      sna: Use memset for simple clears
      sna: Cleanup damage processing after operating inplace
      sna: Allow reads to be performed inplace
      sna: Decrease latency for 1x1 GetImage by using an inplace mapping
      sna: Read inplace for fallback copies
      sna: Add tiling for spans
      sna/gen7: Enable non-rectilinear spans
      sna: Fix cut'n'paste errors in tiling debug
      sna: Correct typo forcing everything to be clear to 0!
      sna: Further refine choice of placement when uploading source data.
      sna: Fix the blt composite op with no-ops
      sna: convert another instance of applying the clear to the CPU pixmap
      sna: Fix rendering of unaligned boxes through pixman
      sna: Prefer to attempt a Composite operation rather than use pixman composite
      sna: Remove overlapping CPU damage when operating inplace on the GPU
      sna: Fixup tracking of vmap upload buffers
      sna: Validate cpu/gpu damage never overlaps
      sna: Assert damage is valid after every addition
      sna: Align upload buffers to 128
      sna: Check if the busy is truly busy before commiting to an indirect upload
      sna: Reset region after transferring to cpu
      sna: Review sna_copy_boxes
      sna: Fix up the shadow pointer on the source when copying
      sna: Double check that the source is busy before performing indirect reads
      sna: Avoid copying unintialised data during source picture upload
      sna: Initialize the color value for fallback unaligned boxes
      Post Damage on the Screen Pixmap after a pageflip
      uxa: Use (white IN glyph) ADD mask to compose the glyph mask
      uxa: Implement glyphs-to-dst to avoid fallbacks
      sna: Minor cleanups from sematic analyser in DBG
      Initialise adaptors to 0 in case xf86XVListGenericAdaptors does not
      sna: Check results from syscalls
      sna: Assert expected return values
      sna: Ensure extents is initialised if short-circuit use-cpu-bo
      sna: Explain why we ignore the busy status result during kgem_bo_flush()
      uxa: Use the original src for fallback glyph compositing
      uxa: Fix second regression in glyph fallback from 64a4bc
      sna/gen[67]: Prefer to not force BLT paths for large pixmaps
      sna/gen7: Keep using RENDER paths for large pixmaps
      sna/gen7: Prefer BLT for copies
      sna: Don't clear the needs_flush flag after emitting a flush on the busy bo
      Encode the third pipe using the HIGH_CRTC shift for vblanks
      sna/gen7: Emit a pipeline flush after every render operation
      sna/gen7: Prefer using BLT rather than redirect for copies
      sna/gen7: prefer using RENDER copy
      sna/gen7: Do not emit a pipeline stall after a non-pipelined command
      sna/gen7: Eliminate the pipeline stall after a non-pipelined operation
      sna: Tiles are only 128 bytes wide on gen2
      sna: Micro-optimise search_inactive_cache
      sna/gen3+: Keep vbo cached
      sna/gen3+: Remove stale assertions for cached vbo
      sna: extend RandR to support super sized monitor configurations
      sna/dri: Queue windowed swaps
      sna/dri: Perform an exchange for a composited windowed SwapBuffers
      sna/gen5: Tweak thread allocations
      sna: remove the assert(0)s along error paths
      sna: Force DPMS to be on following a modeset
      test: Add a simple exercise for DRI2 swap paths
      sna/gen4: Check for peculiar initial values for the surface offset
      sna/dri: Hold a reference to the cached DRI2 buffer on the front buffer
      test: FakeFront rules
      test: Add client side copy to FakeFront for emulating CopyBuffer correctly
      sna: Remove a trailing ';'
      sna: s/width/height/ cut'n'paste typo
      sna: Flush the per-crtc render caches for rotated scanouts
      sna: Correct the reversal of the periodic flushing semantics
      sna: Add a DBG to the periodic flush mechanism
      sna: Quieten kernel debug complaints when disabling crtc
      sna: Force use of per-crtc scanout if the offset is too large
      sna: Fix the application of the crtc offset for posting damage
      sna: Correct inverted logic for checking xrgb drawables
      sna/gen5: Check harder for need_upload() fallbacks
      sna: Make the post-flip delay explictit
      sna: Add assertions to check that we do install the timers
      sna: Use currentTime rather than GetTimeInMillis()
      sna/trapezoids: Render the partial left-edge of fallback unaligned boxes
      sna/trapezoids: Write unaligned fallback boxes inplace
      sna: Only consider the request list when deciding whether the GPU is busy
      sna: Install the ModeSet handler as the base handler
      sna/dri: Optimise clip reduction with copy-to-front to an unclipped Window
      sna/dri: Prefer GPU rendering if no more CPU damage on a DRI bo
      sna/damage: Early check for contains-box? if subtract and box outside region
      sna: After an operation on the CPU, prefer not to use the GPU
      sna: If the pixmap is marked for flushing, prefer to use the GPU
      sna/trapezoids: Skip the division when converting coverage to floating point
      sna/dri: Assert that the replacement bo is large enough for the pixmap
      sna/gen6: Boost VS entries to maximum
      sna/gen7: Correct two minor misues of equivalent GEN6 constants
      sna: Prefer backlight iface based on /sys/class/backlight/*/type
      sna: Skip hidden and special entries inside /sys/class/backlight
      sna: Check for non-existent /sys/class/backlight directory
      sna: Clear cpu flag after deciding to use gpu bo
      sna: Consolidate CopyArea with the aim of reducing migration ping-pong
      sna: And free the DIR after use
      sna: Allow booting on older kernels by disabling HW acceleration
      sna: Operate on the original boxes for CopyArea
      sna: Attempt to reduce all-damage on the CPU
      sna: Also prefer to use the dst GPU bo if CopyArea reduces to an inplace upload
      sna: Fix iterator typo
      sna: Guess when the client is attempting to read back the whole pixmap
      sna: Use set-cache-level ioctl to create CPU bo
      sna: check for failure to change cache level on the bo
      uxa: Install the drm_wakeup_handler for vblank events in !use_page_flipping
      sna/dri: Select the appropriate copy engine based on the current src ring
      sna/dri: Fixup blit fallback path to use xchg when possible
      sna/dri: Remove broken code for buffer xchg from AsyncSwap
      sna: Pass a hint to the backends when using copy_boxes for readback
      sna: Fix leak around ENOMEM error path in sna_copy_boxes
      sna: Simplify timer execution
      sna: Use throttle() to confirm a GPU hang
      sna: Fix detection of EIO through throttle
      sna: drop an unused ret var
      sna/dri: Assert that our pixmaps sizes are invariant
      sna: Make sure damage is flushed to the CPU bo before use
      sna: Do not force GPU allocation if CPU bo is already busy
      sna: Fallback to attaching a shadow fb if we fail to setup the crtc
      sna: Fix clipping of glyphs-to-dst for partially obscurred windows
      Make the detection of broken pre-production hardware verbose
      Allow matching against any device supported by drm/i915
      sna: Clear garbage from the new front buffer when resizing
      sna: Refactor a common function: is_clipped()
      sna: Fixup USE_INPLACE debug hint
      sna: Add a couple of DBG flags to control upload buffers
      sna: Fixup fb wrapper
      test: Add missing header for distcheck
      sna/dri: Replace the DRI2 drawable type with a devPrivate
      sna/dri: Couple the frame events into DestroyWindow
      sna/dri: Add a couple of missing VG_CLEAR on vblanks
      sna/dri: Clarify the message for one failure case
      sna: Tweak start/stop of the deferred flush
      sna/dri: Attach the chain of frame events to the Window, not pixmap
      sna/dri: Remove dead code for 'old_fb'
      sna/dri: Use draw ref directly
      sna/dri: Fix cross-chaining of pageflip vs vblank
      sna/dri: Review stale comments
      sna: Apply the clear color when resizing the front buffer
      sna: Remove function for force-to-gpu
      sna: Review placement hints for fallback operations
      sna: Substitute the reduce clip region for fallback ops
      sna: Remove the consideration of CPU damage for overwriting FillRect
      sna: Just use a linear scan to find the terminating clip box
      sna: Rename conflicting symbols with uxa
      sna: PadPixmap only writes to the out-of-bounds bits
      sna: Only consider large clears as candidates for GPU migration
      sna: Promote large operations to use the whole GPU
      sna: Simplify the DBG incarnation
      sna: Improve the check for assertions
      sna: Fix reversal of inside logic for BitmapToRegion
      sna: Check for overlapping glyphs within each list, then overlapping lists
      sna: Only promote to full GPU if we already have a GPU bo
      sna: Avoid the expensive recomputation of the region when copying
      sna: Disable periodic scanout refresh if all outputs are disconnected
      sna: Discard the mask for "non-overlapping" glyphs
      sna: Minor tweak to upload in place if the CPU bo is busy
      sna: Remove unused cached partials list
      i810: Tidy configure detection for XAA/DGA
      i810: Remove vestigial reference to xaa.h
      sna: Rearrange the tests for dropping the glyph mask
      sna/glyphs: Apply mask reduction along fallback paths as well
      sna/glyphs: Fix array allocation for list_extents
      sna: Check for failure to initialize the sprite pointers
      sna: Fix build without DRI2
      Fix the reporting of whether SNA is configured
      Enable compilation of SNA by default
      sna: Only try to enable DRI2 if the module is available at runtime
      sna: Split CloseScreen into two phases
      sna/gen4: Simplify comparing the pipeline-pointers against the previous
      sna: Aim for consistency and use stdbool except for core X APIs
      sna: Add some DBG for short-circuiting choice of source bo
      sna: Add some DBG for selecting glyph path
      sna: Do not perform batch compaction on old kernels
      Drop some unused includes
      sna: Allow BLT support on future unknown hardware
      sna/dri: Presume an unknown chipset will want i965_dri.so
      sna: Enable pixman_glyphs if available
      sna/gen4+: Translate to card format using a switch
      sna/gen4+: Fix up card/dest format confusion in previous commit
      sna/gen7: Only fallback to BLT for a redirected target
      sna/gen7: Only emit the render flushes between operations
      sna/gen4: Fix typo introduced in checking dst format
      sna/gen7: Preselect sampler
      sna/glyphs: Fix typo and render glyphs to the small mask
      sna/glyphs: A repeat of the earlier typo for pixman glyphs
      sna: Avoid BLT to snoopable bo on older gen
      sna: Tidy sna_copy_boxes
      sna: Reorder overlapping boxes for CopyArea/Window
      sna/gen7: Uses EXTEND_PAD for its alpha-gradient with spans
      sna/gen7: Check for gradient allocation failure within spans
      sna/glyphs: Perform the fallback mask reduce before moving the glyph pointers
      sna: Make sure we check for a busy CPU bo before declaring is-cpu
      sna: Keep track of the base pointer for the reordered boxes
      sna: Simply reverse all the boxes if dx <= 0 and dy <= 0
      sna: Prefer uploads to be staged in snoopable bo
      sna: Avoid creating a CPU bo for uploads if we already have a large GPU bo
      configure: version bump for 2.20.0 release

Cyril Brulebois (2):
      Avoid calling xf86nameCompare() with a NULL string
      Fix up braindamage in previous commit.

Daniel Stone (2):
      i810: Make XAA optional
      i810: Make DGA optional

Dave Airlie (10):
      legacy/i810: rename pScrn->scrn
      legacy/i810: rename pScreen->screen
      intel: add compat header file for conversion fns
      intel: convert to new screen conversion APIs
      intel: convert sna/uxa to using new glyph picture accessors.
      uxa: drop enable disable access hook
      sna: drop using block/wakeup data.
      intel: port legacy and uxa to new API.
      sna: port to compat api
      uxa: do copy fb at startup.

Eugeni Dodonov (1):
      Unify options handling between UXA and SNA

Johannes Obermayr (1):
      glamor: Fix misspelled xf86GetOptValString and OPTION_ACCEL_METHOD introduced by commit e456291.

Nick Bowler (1):
      Include config.h in intel_options.c

Tom Hughes (1):
      Add asus-nb-wmi backlight control

Zdenek Kabelac (4):
      legacy/i810: Fix declaration to match definition
      sna: Valgrind updates
      sna: Fix typo and compare y1 to y2
      sna: Constification

Zhigang Gong (2):
      uxa/glyphs: Bypass uxa glyphs operations if using glamor.
      uxa/dri: Fix a buffer leak on pageflipping when enabling glamor.

git tag: 2.20.0

MD5:  070bb866b05a16366bd9bb844c9b91aa  xf86-video-intel-2.20.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: c477fe4cddfec7c88537753426ca9041fb88b66e  xf86-video-intel-2.20.0.tar.bz2
SHA256: 21949297220ceda32bba430f778c6409002079dc717c7190dbd1062ab4a56783  xf86-video-intel-2.20.0.tar.bz2

MD5:  9e9a13c03d0be627f8b16c3063dd9a08  xf86-video-intel-2.20.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 6cde9ad0d20dd46b0a48bc2478e614b848373e77  xf86-video-intel-2.20.0.tar.gz
SHA256: 19b36fa5d3e655a3aefe872e8aad9b660c54f45bbe63aba0ac31dffb2003cc59  xf86-video-intel-2.20.0.tar.gz

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre
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