[ANNOUNCE] xinput

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Sun Apr 15 19:46:35 PDT 2012

A few minor fixes on top of the last snapshot. xinput now handles
XA_CARDINAL and prints the source ID for raw events (XI 2.2 only).
The NVIDIA-specific output checking was improved too.

User-visible changes: map-to-crtc was changed to map-to-output

I don't expect much more to land before 1.6 is released, if you have any
issues with this release, please let me know asap.

Peter Hutterer (10):
      Rename map-to-crtc to map-to-output
      Fix XRRCrtcInfo memory leaks
      Enclose property and device names in quotes
      Always call XCloseDisplay()
      Don't leak output_info
      Add find_output_xrandr to check for output presence
      Replace NVIDIA-specific output checking
      Handle XA_CARDINAL as property type
      Print the sourceid for raw events

git tag: xinput-

MD5:  3b57cb4cbac70eb0d7a553def7dd333e  xinput-
SHA1: bc99cddeac306a23ad96f35d8ff3314d7e45d460  xinput-
SHA256: 4765ca49af591ad5fed1af6847a16b807317212d40d5d21e5f97aa834f3e815e  xinput-

MD5:  d70f5d31ed4397f14399fd3a562c6f91  xinput-
SHA1: 608df1cc68b40e70132b70250686fb9c38b6ee12  xinput-
SHA256: ed0c852c8f146379767553f5b6924433007c81026e230550351d22fd50be6f7e  xinput-

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