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Chase Douglas chase.douglas at canonical.com
Wed Sep 14 14:05:41 PDT 2011

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It's been a long time coming, but we're on track to add multitouch
support to X.org soonish. This is the first snapshot of the inputproto
protocol version 2.2. Keen readers will note that:

* The XI 2.1 train has left the station without multitouch
* XI 2.1 isn't released yet, so this is based on inputproto

To develop with the protocol, the package will need to be configured
with an extra option: --enable-unstable-protocol.

The latest inputproto multitouch code can be cloned from:


and is found in the multitouch-devel branch.

Chase Douglas (23):
      Updates for pointer emulation and more touch device modes
      Many more updates to the XI 2.1 protocol
      Separate "XI2.x" into "XI 2.x" for readability
      Yes, send TouchEnd to owner, TouchPendingEnd to other listeners
      Update device type terminology
      Prettyify touch device types
      Peter is right, floating devices can emit touch events
      Fix up pointer event emulation section
      Remove touch "Observe" grabs
      Use the same valuator axes for pointer and touch events
      Specify dependent device pointer/touch handling
      Introduce Touch grab mode
      Fix indentation of active_touches definition
      Fix touch cancel/resume semantics
      Revert "Fix touch cancel/resume semantics"
      Revert "Specify dependent device pointer/touch handling"
      Switch multitouch additions to XI 2.2
      Bump version to 2.1.99 for XI 2.2 multitouch changes
      Really kill touch valuators
      Add event windows to ownership events
      Extend XIAllowEvents for handling touch grab processing
      Allow grabbing clients to accept or reject touches any time
      inputproto (first snapshot of 2.2)

Daniel Stone (11):
      Add touch classes and events, bump to 2.1
      Require configure flag to build this proto version.
      Formatting fixups and minor rewording
      Doc note: No seriously, this is WIP
      Add inline references, fix usecase bulleting
      Add FIXME sidebars, remove single-grab stipulation
      typo fix
      Reword touch introduction, labels for all
      Further cleanups and clarifications
      Mostly typographical
      Clean up and reword multitouch ownership/emulation

Peter Hutterer (31):
      specs: add a linebreak for asciidoc parsing
      specs: move from "init move destroy" to "begin update end"
      specs: move touch sequence handling (owner-only) up a bit.
      specs: move warning about out-of-band processing up a bit.
      spec: Move ClientPointer up again.
      specs: clean/rewrite touch grab and ownership bits
      specs: Add a fixme for using raw events instead of GrabModeObserve
      specs: Rewrite Touch events delivery section
      specs: rewrite pointer emulation for indirect devices
      specs: rewrite pointer emulation section
      Put a #warning and #error in to avoid unsuspecting XI 2.1 users.
      XITouchClass' props needs a num_props
      Changing the touch device mode generates a DeviceChangedEvent
      Add two linebreaks for asciidoc list parsing
      Coordinates are always absolute, no need to re-state it
      XISelectEvents: BadValue is generated, not returned
      Fix missing 'and' in GrabTypeFocusIn description
      Reword the passive touch grab rules to be similar to the others
      Indent Ownership explanation for consistent formatting
      AllowTouchEvents can take any device id, not just slaves
      DeviceEvent: active_touches needs marker that it's XI 2.1
      DeviceEvents: a TouchPendingEnd won't generate further TouchUpdate events
      specs: Fix in-document references
      specs: Fix event lists for asciidoc parsing
      Change file header to note version 2.x
      Add comment to XI2.h to mark where the 2.1 events start
      specs: extend XI2.1 raw events to include touch events
      specs: misc typos, rewording, etc.
      specs: remove comment about overlapping selections, not true
      specs: remove broken asciidoc link to XIAllowTouchEvents
      specs: if a sequence ends, all clients get TouchPendingEnd

git tag: inputproto-

MD5:  354af1c519c3d92d710d218db217e173  inputproto-
SHA1: f1f1e02a5564843fd4c6148ca8a9f14363641c86  inputproto-
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