[ANNOUNCE] pixman release 0.23.6 now available

Søren Sandmann sandmann at cs.au.dk
Tue Oct 11 03:22:51 PDT 2011

A new pixman release 0.23.6 is now available.

   - Better support for building on Windows with MSVC [Andrea Canciani]
   - Optimizations using the iwMMXt instruction set [Matt Turner]
   - Faster bilinear scaling with SSE2 [Taekyun Kim]
   - Faster compositing of small repeating images [Taekyun Kim]
   - Reduce filter from BILINEAR to NEAREST when possible [Soren Sandmann, Siarhei Siamashka]

Thanks to Nis Martensen, we now have some information about pixman up at


If you want to help expand the content on that page,
send mail to the mailing list.

Please report bugs to pixman at lists.freedesktop.org or file them at





	MD5:  27eb7a0ec440c89cccd7c396c3581041  pixman-0.23.6.tar.gz
	MD5:  4bd21119c8f3e838935d1d5eead5f1ec  pixman-0.23.6.tar.bz2
	SHA1: 840eacb93152b641904832fa6f462ffd1cc04207  pixman-0.23.6.tar.gz
	SHA1: 84f4200f13e889a58985cfbc2b4fd108bd251fe4  pixman-0.23.6.tar.bz2

GPG signature:
	(signed by Søren Sandmann Pedersen <sandmann at daimi.au.dk>

	tag: pixman-0.23.6

	Andrea Canciani (7):
	      test: Fix compilation on win32
	      build: Reuse sources and pixman-combine build rules
	      build: Reuse test sources
	      build-win32: Share targets and variables across win32 makefiles
	      build-win32: Add root Makefile.win32
	      test: Do not include config.h unless HAVE_CONFIG_H is defined
	      build-win32: Add 'check' target
	Benjamin Otte (2):
	      tests: Add PNG_CFLAGS/LIBS to tests
	      build: replace @VAR@ with $(VAR) in makefiles
	Jon TURNEY (1):
	      Fix build on cygwin after commit efdf65c0c4fff551fb3cd9104deda9adb6261e22
	Matt Turner (11):
	      lowlevel-blt: add over_x888_8_8888
	      mmx: fix formats in commented code
	      mmx: convert while (w) to if (w) when possible
	      mmx: rename USE_MMX to USE_X86_MMX
	      mmx: wrap x86/MMX inline assembly in ifdef USE_X86_MMX
	      mmx: fix unaligned accesses
	      mmx: prepare pixman-mmx.c to be compiled for ARM/iwmmxt
	      mmx: compile on ARM for iwmmxt optimizations
	      mmx: optimize unaligned 64-bit ARM/iwmmxt loads
	      Make sure iwMMXt is only detected on ARM
	      Correct the minimum gcc version needed for iwmmxt
	Siarhei Siamashka (2):
	      test: better coverage for BILINEAR->NEAREST filter optimization
	      BILINEAR->NEAREST filter optimization for simple rotation and translation
	Søren Sandmann Pedersen (23):
	      Post-release version bump to 0.23.5
	      test: New function to save a pixman image to .png
	      Use pkg-config to determine the flags to use with libpng
	      test: Use smaller boxes in region_contains_test()
	      A few tweaks to a comment in pixman-combine.c.template
	      Add a generic unorm_to_unorm() conversion utility
	      Add general pixel converter
	      Add initial version of the MAKE_ACCESSORS() macro
	      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate all the 32 bit accessors
	      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for all the 16bpp formats
	      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for 8bpp RGB formats
	      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for 4 bpp RGB formats
	      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for 24bpp formats
	      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for the a1 format.
	      Use MAKE_ACCESSORS() to generate accessors for paletted formats
	      Remove x and y coordinates from analyze_extents() and compute_sample_exte
	      Split computation of sample area into own function
	      Eliminate compute_sample_extents() function
	      test: Occasionally use a BILINEAR filter in blitters-test
	      Strength-reduce BILINEAR filter to NEAREST filter for identity transforms
	      Don't include stdint.h in scaling-helpers-test.
	      Add src, mask, and dest flags to the composite args struct.
	      Pre-release version bump to 0.23.6
	Taekyun Kim (8):
	      sse2: Macros for assembling bilinear interpolation code fractions
	      sse2: Bilinear scaled over_8888_8888
	      sse2: Bilinear scaled over_8888_8_8888
	      init/fini functions for pixman_image_t
	      Add new fast path flag FAST_PATH_BITS_IMAGE
	      Move _pixman_lookup_composite_function() to pixman-utils.c
	      Simple repeat fast path
	      Simple repeat: Extend too short source scanlines into temporary buffer

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