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Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Nov 20 15:20:11 PST 2011

We discussed doing regular releases from master, and Jeremy suggested
(sensibly) that we just do them whenever there's a stable release. I
completely spaced that plan, nor was I looking at the Google X.org

In any case, here's the current state of master. It's missing a pull
request from alanc -- there were a couple of build failures in that
which I've replied back about and I expect that'll be fixed shortly.

For those interested in helping out, here's the 1.12 release tracker.


Anyone interested in helping clean up the release is encouraged to take
a look at the outstanding bugs there.

There's a slight snag about the 1.12 release schedule. I'm going biking
in New Zealand next February, leaving on the 9th and not getting back
until March 1st. So, we can either have the release done before I leave,
or wait until I get back. It seems like the former might work a bit
better, but it would mean pulling the release in to Feb 8th or so.

Anyone have an opinion on the matter?

Aaron Plattner (5):
      xfree86: Bump extension ABI version to 6.0
      fb: Rename wfbTriangles and wfbTrapezoids
      xfree86/modes: Let the driver handle the transform
      xfree86/modes: Make cursor position transform a helper function
      dix: Reinstate GetImage window size check

Adam Jackson (15):
      xfree86: Move xf86GetClocks to vgahw
      int10: Port to pciaccess' legacy IO API
      vgahw: Remove IO domain setup
      vgahw: Don't default to standard (port space) access routines
      vgahw: Port to pciaccess IO space routines
      pci: Port xf86MapLegacyIO to pciaccess
      linux: Use pci_device_get_parent_bridge instead of open-coding it
      bus: remove some dead struct fields
      linux: Remove pre-2.6 PCI interface support
      linux: Remove ia64 domain I/O support code
      xfree86: Remove unused bios_devmem.c
      pci: Deprecate the PCITAG type
      int10: Use pciaccess rom fetch for !PC machines
      pci: Remove xf86MapDomainMemory
      int10: Port internal users off xf86MapVidMem

Alan Coopersmith (11):
      xfree86: move -novtswitch & -sharevts argument handling up to common layer
      Xorg.man: Add -novtswitch and -sharevts options
      sun_init.c: Move vt switches to a switch_to helper function like lnx_init.c
      sun_init.c: Implement novtswitch & sharevts for Solaris
      Remove unused ClientStateCheckingSecurity & ClientStateCheckedSecurity
      Remove unused ClientStateAuthenticating
      Cross-reference cvt(1) & gtf(1) man pages
      Space & style cleanup of hw/xfree86/i2c/fi1236.c
      Assign ids to more tags in Xserver-Dtrace.xml
      Unconditionally #include <stdint.h>
      Add #include "inpututils.h" to xkbAccessX.c for init_device_event

Alan Hourihane (1):
      dixfonts: Don't overwrite local c variable until new_closure is safely initialized.

Alexandr Shadchin (17):
      bsd: Remove unused macros KBD_FD
      bsd: Replacement screenFd on consoleFd because they are equivalent
      bsd: Variable devConsoleFd need only if defined PCCONS_SUPPORT
      bsd: Remove dead code
      bsd: Some clean up
      bsd: OpenBSD and NetBSD not need extra headers in PCVT_SUPPORT
      bsd: ioctl KDENABIO/KDDISABIO do not matter for OpenBSD
      Remove unused vtSysreq
      bsd: Remove odd message about -sharevts
      Fix position _X_EXPORT
      Remove unused VT_SYSREQ_DEFAULT
      Remove BSDi support
      Remove odd definition DEV_MEM
      Move check definition MAP_FAILED in xf86_OSlib.h
      bsd: alpha_video: Function sethae() need only for FreeBSD
      bsd: alpha_video: Simplify #include
      bsd: alpha_video: Remove unused variables

Andreas Wettstein (1):
      xkb: Support noLock and noUnlock flags for LockMods

Anssi Hannula (1):
      xfree86: add nouveau as the first automatic driver for NVIDIA hardware

Carlos Garnacho (1):
      Xi: Fix passive XI2 ungrabs on XIAll[Master]Devices

Chris Wilson (4):
      render: export TriStrip and TriFan to the drivers
      VidMode: prevent crash with no modes
      DRI2: Avoid a NULL pointer dereference
      dri2: Register the DRI2DrawableType after server regeneration

Christopher Yeleighton (1):
      Bug 38420: Xvfb crashes in miInitVisuals() when started with depth=2

Colin Harrison (2):
      Xming: Always remove temporary file used when invoking xkbcomp on Win32
      hw/xwin: Fix a typo in ddraw.h

Cyril Brulebois (5):
      configure.ac: Fix help string for mitshm.
      render: Replace __inline with inline.
      xkb: Fix case checks for Latin 1.
      xkb: Fix case checks for Latin 2.
      xkb: Fix case checks for Latin 4.

Daniel Kurtz (4):
      os/log: Pull LogMessageTypeVerbString out of LogVMessageVerb
      os/log: Add LogVHdrMessageVerb and friends
      xf86Helper: use LogHdrMessageVerb in xf86VIDrvMsgVerb
      xf86Helper: use LogHdrMessageVerb in xf86VDrvMsgVerb

Daniel Stone (25):
      Input: Add flags to DeviceEvent
      Input: Add flags to RawDeviceEvent
      Input: Convert ValuatorMask to double-precision internally
      Input: Add double-precision valuator_mask API
      Input: Store clipped absolute axes in the mask
      Input: Prepare moveAbsolute for conversion to double
      Input: Prepare moveRelative for conversion to double
      Input: Convert clipAxis, moveAbsolute and moveRelative to double
      Input: Convert transformAbsolute to work on doubles
      Input: Set fractional member in set_raw_valuators
      Input: Use trunc instead of lrintf in acceleration code
      Input: Widen pointer acceleration types to double
      Input: Convert acceleration code to using ValuatorMask
      Input: Remove x and y from moveAbsolute/moveRelative
      Input: Convert rescaleValuatorAxis to double
      Input: Don't call positionSprite for non-pointer devices
      Input: Convert positionSprite and GetPointerEvents to double
      Input: Modify mask in-place in positionSprite
      Input: Make RawDeviceEvent use doubles internally
      Input: Make DeviceEvent use doubles internally
      Input: Convert DeviceIntRec::last to use doubles
      Input: Set last valuators in GetPointerEvents only
      Input: Split GetPointerEvents body into a helper function
      Input: Add vertical and horizontal scroll axes
      Input: Add POINTER_EMULATED flag to GetPointerEvents

Dave Airlie (3):
      test: fix input test
      xf86Crtc: handle no outputs with no modes harder.
      test: fix two more failing FP3232 tests

Derek Buitenhuis (1):
      Fix vesa's VBE PanelID interpretation

Gaetan Nadon (17):
      docbook.am: global maintenance update - entities, images and olinking
      docbook.am: embed css styles inside the HTML HEAD element
      devbook.am: maintenance update from docbook.am
      dtrace: use docbook copyright markup for copyright holder
      dtrace: fix typo in title
      dix and os: gitignore dix.O and os.O
      Xinput: replace hard coded X11 version with X server version
      Xinput: use appropriate copyright markup for a multi licensed doc
      ddx-Design: add X Version and Release information
      ddxDesign: remove server version from the document title
      ddxDesign: drop the url in the coporate authors list
      Xserver-spec: add release information
      Xserver-spec: re-order markup to follow outpout order
      Xserver-spec: use appropriate copyright markup
      xorg.conf.man: fix 382: warning: missing `)' (got `R') #35054
      XWinrc.man: fix warning: tab character in unquoted macro argument #35054
      mi: remove deprecated miPointerAbsoluteCursor from design doc

Jamey Sharp (15):
      x86emu: There is no NO_INLINE implementation of unaligned access here.
      configure.ac: Remove unused XORG_OS_PCI variable.
      configure.ac: XORG_OS is not used, so delete it.
      Remove PC98 support.
      int10: Delete #if 0'd implementation that's older than our git history.
      configure.ac: Remove unreachable check for VM86 headers.
      dmx: Fix a non-constant printf format string warning.
      dmx: Fix some "no previous prototype" warnings by making functions static.
      XineramaInitData ignores its argument. Quit passing one.
      xnest: Delete unused nClipRects GC-private field.
      Replace XmuSnprintf with snprintf.
      Revert "Bug #6924: Restore the ABI for DrawableRec and ColormapRec to the state"
      Eliminate MAXSCREENS-sized CursorScreenKey array.
      Fix pixmap double-frees on error paths.
      kdrive: Fix build for opaque InputOption structure.

Jeremy Huddleston (33):
      Address regressions from e8ff555b95ba and d206d52f657c to work with other compilers
      XQuartz: Use set_front_process rather than X11ApplicationSetFrontProcess since we're already in the AppKit thread
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Add missing AM_OBJCFLAGS
      loader: when creating sdksyms.c only include shmint.h if MITSHM is enabled #29109
      Xnest: Remove socket and its lock file on exit
      Xephyr: Remove socket and its lock file on exit
      os: Remove Error()
      dix: add utility functions for double to/fro FP1616/FP3232 conversion
      xfree86: Add stubs for os-support to help adding new architecture support
      xfree86: Work around issue where ar may be told to make an archive with no contents
      xfree86: fbdevhw: Remove unused include of pciaccess.h
      xfree86: Link modules with -module
      darwin: configure: Force some irrelevant options to off on darwin
      xorg-server.pc.in: Remove libpciaccess and pixman-1 from Requires
      xfree86: Deprecate xf86MapVidMem and friends
      Xnest: Fix DestroyNotify handler
      test: Silence some debug lines from the input unit tests
      configure.ac: Add -fno-strict-aliasing to CFLAGS
      mieq: Provide better adaptability and diagnostics during mieq overflow
      mieq: Reserve some space in EQ for release and other special events
      test: Add unit test for mieq
      Xnest: Match the host's keymap
      XQuartz: appledri: Change whitespace in appledristr.h to match mesa
      XQuartz: appledri: Set the correct reply length for XAppleDRICreatePixmap
      XQuartz: appledri: Fix byte swapping in replies
      XQuartz: appledri: Allow byte swapped requests
      XQuartz: Fix the filename of our log file
      XQuartz: applewm: Correct byte swapping in event notifications
      XQuartz: appledri: Correct byte swapping in event notifications
      XWin: windowswm: Correct byte swapping in event notifications
      xfree86: Fix powerpc build with -Werror=int-to-pointer-cast -Werror=pointer-to-int-cast
      xfree86: Deprecate the use of xf86PciInfo.h

Jesse Barnes (1):
      crtc: match full preferred modes if possible when choosing an initial config

Jon TURNEY (3):
      Cygwin/X: Make default DPI match native DPI
      hw/xwin: Link directly to TrackMouseEvent()
      hw/xwin: Stop pretending we work on NT4

Julien Cristau (1):
      xfree86: fix build with xv disabled

Keith Packard (3):
      Add AC_LANG_SOURCE wrappers around configure.ac code fragments
      Add 'optionstr.h' to include/Makefile.am
      Bump version to (1.12 development release 1)

Kirill Elagin (1):
      Fix server crash due to invalid images

Lennart Poettering (2):
      config: add udev/systemd multi-seat support
      udev: make use of udev_enumerate_add_match_tag() only when it is available

Luc Verhaegen (1):
      randr: stop clients from deleting immutable output properties

Matt Turner (12):
      Remove unnecessary #undefs of [f]abs and old comments
      Replace Fabs() macro with fabs() function
      Silence printf format warnings in helper_exec.c
      Use internal temp variable for swap macros
      Use correct swap{l,s} (or none at all for CARD8)
      Cast char* buffers to swap functions
      Introduce swap_uint{16,32} functions, used in swap{l,s}
      Add type checking to swap macros
      Make lswap{l,s} inline functions
      Use lswap{l,s} in cpswap{l,s}
      Use __builtin_constant_p to determine if we can use lswapl
      Remove incorrect & in swap_uint32

Matthieu Herrb (4):
      Add a 'wscons' autoconf mechanism to configure input devices on BSD.
      sdksyms.sh may not be executable.
      Fix CVE-2011-4028: File disclosure vulnerability.
      Fix CVE-2011-4029: File permission change vulnerability.

Max Schwarz (2):
      Input: Fix frac calculation on [Raw]DeviceEvent conversion
      dix: fix inverted handling of legacy scroll button events

Michal Suchanek (4):
      Document -background none option
      Unload submodules.
      Use UnloadModuleOrDriver for UnloadSubModule.
      Do not uselessly reload modules in DuplicateModule

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (1):
      Disable check of double-aligned in test/input.c on Renesas SH

Pauli Nieminen (4):
      DRI2: Add ReuseBufferNotify hook
      DRI2: Expose API to set drawable swap limit.
      DRI2: Allow DDX to validate swap_limit changes
      xf86/modes: Fix shadow rotation crashing when screen pixmap changes

Peter Harris (1):
      xkb: add missing swaps for xkbGetDeviceInfoReply

Peter Hutterer (90):
      xfree86: don't warn about duplicate core devices
      xfree86: when implicitly choosing a core device, set the option to a value
      test: add a option duplication test
      xfree86: improve readability of synthesized device.
      xfree86: nest loops instead of 0x1 pointers.
      xfree86: update comment for InitInput
      xfree86: factor out adding/removing a device from the input device array
      xfree86: use xf86AllocateInput for implicit devices too
      Revert "Attempt to add the 'mouse' driver in more situations."
      config: fix a log message
      config: return the new InputOption from add_option.
      config: use add_option for '_source' too
      dix: avoid using the VCP as modifier device
      dix: ignore devices when adding passive core grabs to list (#39545)
      dix: rename mieqSwitchScreen argument fromDix → set_dequeue_screen, document
      mi: fix comment typo, whitespace in miPointerSetPosition
      test: add a test for GetMaster() behaviour
      dix: add KEYBOARD_OR_FLOAT and POINTER_OR_FLOAT to GetMaster()
      Xi: silence compiler warnings (set but not used)
      mi: fix compiler warnings ("foo" set but not used)
      dix: fix compiler warnings ("foo" set but not used)
      input: provide a single function to init DeviceEvents to 0
      dix: don't use the pointer as modifier device in UngrabKey.
      dix: abstract XI2 filter mask lookup
      dix: use helper functions in EventIsDeliverable
      dix: don't XWarpPointer through the last slave anymore (#38313)
      xfree86: comment typo fix
      Add null-terminated list interface.
      input: make InputOption opaque, provide interface functions.
      xfree86: switch options from pointer to XF86OptionPtr
      xfree86: fix comment typo
      xfree86: use subheader for Pointer Acceleration parts in xorg.conf(5)
      xfree86: expose Option "TransformationMatrix"
      input: switch InitValuatorAxisStruct to return Bool
      input: allow for max < min for relative axes on  InitValuatorAxisStruct
      dix: split client list retrieval out of DeliverEventToClients
      dix: rename DeliverEventsToClients to DeliverEventsToWindowMask
      dix: split DeliverEventToWindowMask up a bit more.
      Xi: use temporary variable for filter.
      dix: rename ProcessRawEvents to dix/events.c:DeliverRawEvent
      Support (and require) XI 2.1
      input: deliver raw events unconditionally for XI 2.1 clients.
      dix: use 'rc' for return code in DeliverRawEvent
      Input: Add smooth-scrolling support to GetPointerEvents
      dix: fill out root_x/y for keyboard events
      dix: warn about keyboard events with valuator masks
      dix: NewCurrentScreen must work on pointers where possible
      Move pointOnScreen to inpututils.c
      dix: copy the source ID into the RawEvent (#34240)
      dix: document transformAbsolute
      dix: fix missing verb in comment
      dix: rename moveAbsolute to clipAbsolute
      dix: moveRelative modifies parameter in-place, say so.
      dix: don't allow keyboard devices to submit motion or button events.
      dix: move screen- to device coordinate scaling to separate function
      dix: drop screen argument from positionSprite
      mi: return the screen from miPointerSetPosition
      mi: switch miPointerSetPosition to take doubles
      dix: move MD last.valuator update into fill_pointer_events
      xfree86: remove xf86XInputSetScreen
      Store desktop dimensions in screenInfo.
      dix: extend rescaleValuatorAxis to take a minimum default
      input: change pointer screen crossing behaviour for multiple ScreenRecs
      dix: add valuator_mask_fetch_double()
      dix: mark motion events as emulated if we're scrolling from button press
      kdrive: switch to new InputOption API.
      input: switch InputOption to use XF86OptionRec storage.
      xfree86: use xf86AddNewOption instead of xf86addNewOption
      xfree86: Fix a comment, the old function doesn't exist anymore
      dix: move #if statement to stop compiler warning
      xfree86: use NewInputDeviceRequest for xorg.conf devices too
      xfree86 doc: replace driver "keyboard" with "kbd"
      dix: add ScrollInfo to DeviceChangedEvents
      dix: drop unused argument from XISendDeviceChangedEvent
      dix: pass the flags into the CreateClassesChangedEvent
      Xi: ensure the deviceid for DeviceChangedEvents is always the right one
      dix: accept a NULL master for CreateClassesChangedEvent
      Xi: send DeviceChangedEvents when the scroll valuators change value
      test: fix test with new double -> fp3232 conversion functions
      Use new FP1616/FP3232 conversion functions
      kdrive: check for null memory, fix OOB
      xfree86: reduce calls to input_option_get_key/value
      dix: block signals when closing all devices
      xfree86: duplicate name and driver from pInfo for NewInputDeviceRequest
      Xi: allow passive keygrabs on the XIAll(Master)Devices fake devices
      dix: Don't let a driver without a ProximityClassRec post events
      include: export GetProximityEvents and QueueProximityEvents
      input: replace remaining GetPairedDevice() with GetMaster()
      Xext: don't swap CARD8 in SProcSELinuxQueryVersion
      Xext: remove unused variable 'n'

Pierre-Loup A. Griffais (1):
      xfree86: Fix RandR rotation across server generations

Rami Ylimäki (1):
      record: Prevent out of bounds access when recording a reply.

Ross Burton (1):
      edid: Add quirk for Acer Aspire One 110

Rui Matos (1):
      randr: Make the RRConstrainCursorHarder logic the same as miPointerSetPosition

Sam Spilsbury (1):
      Remove the SendEvent bit (0x80) before doing range checks on event type.

Servaas Vandenberghe (1):
      xfree86: fix potential buffer overflow

Tiago Vignatti (3):
      configure: change PCI function checking by a meaningful version of the library
      configure: make PCI configuration more sane
      configure: wrap PCI code with macro and set it at build time

Tomáš Trnka (1):
      Fix drain_console unregistration

Ville Skyttä (1):
      Man page syntax and spelling fixes.

Ville Syrjala (1):
      composite: Update borderClip in compAllocPixmap()

Yaakov Selkowitz (1):
      hw/xwin: Revert "Fix bug #5735, Serious flaw in CygwinX clipboard"

dtakahashi42 (1):
      rootless: Fix a server crash when choosing a color with the gimp color wheel

vdb at picaros.org (3):
      print DisplayMode type bits
      xfree86: .BI style: monitor section in xorg.conf man page
      Fix a rare memory leak

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  6f3fd27dfab29ce12a9f7d65fa79b202  xorg-server-
SHA1: 49e8d7164ca22403b9522afc24a668ccb1d019a7  xorg-server-
SHA256: 72d63e3105d9c17ffcc117ad07fb747cc7a088e34b146a8352a1e44211ec94a8  xorg-server-

MD5:  53b64ad974e505a952d77280c52aa635  xorg-server-
SHA1: 5caa57060ccebf985c2544cf4bea287b6a7d2100  xorg-server-
SHA256: 399d8502c442d57fb046caa2a70d94a4498f9fd8291c1cb124d07d0b6534c45b  xorg-server-

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