[ANNOUNCE] xts 0.99.0

Aaron Plattner aplattner at nvidia.com
Tue May 24 20:37:36 PDT 2011

This is the first modular release of the X Test Suite.  It's
designed to test an X server and its drivers against the X11
specification.  If you've ever used the old CVS versions of this
suite, this is a significant rewrite of the build system thanks
to Dan Nicholson, Peter Hutterer, and a few others.  See the
README in the tarball for information about how to run the test
suite, or see http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/BuildingXtest for
some woefully out of date additional information.

It's not expected that all the tests will pass.  This release is
simply to set a baseline against which future test runs can be
compared.  Patches to fix warnings in the build or the tests
themselves would be very much appreciated.

Since this is the first-ever release of XTS at its new git home,
I've omitted the changelog because it's very long.  If you're
interested in the complete list, you can browse it here:

-- Aaron

git tag xts-0.99.0

SHA1: a947804e91cf619c7cc226ca0bd1c9afc68ffac8  xts-0.99.0.tar.bz2

SHA1: dfb754bd2afd460621a7e7b8e99f41d2d820c625  xts-0.99.0.tar.gz

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