[ANNOUNCE] libX11 1.4.1

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Jan 11 22:34:58 PST 2011

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This bugfix release corrects two small issues in Xlib event handling,
and provides, for the first time ever, the XKB API spec in DocBook format.

Many thanks are due to Matt Dew, Fernando Carrijo, and Gaetan Nadon for
putting in the work to convert the XKB docs from FrameMaker to DocBook,
and the images to SVG.   They work quite nicely here when read directly
with gnome-help /usr/share/doc/libX11/specs/XKB/xkblib.xml or when
transformed to HTML or PDF with xmlto, if you've enabled that in your build.
(Of course, more help is needed and welcomed in cleaning up these and other
 newly translated docs - the formatting isn't great, and better cross-reference
 linking would make them easier to navigate online.)

Alan Coopersmith (5):
      Mark atom names argument to XInternAtoms as const
      Add XKBlib spec images to dist_spec_DATA for distribution & installation
      specs/XKB: make acknowlegement section <preface> instead of <chapter>
      Revert "Mark atom names argument to XInternAtoms as const"
      libX11 1.4.1

Fernando Carrijo (1):
      specs: convert images from gif to svg format.

Matt Dew (1):
      specs: convert XKBlib spec from Framemaker to DocBook.xml

Pauli Nieminen (1):
      Initialize event type

Philipp Reh (1):
      Events: Store event cookie when dequeuing event

git tag: libX11-1.4.1

MD5:  4603bdbce1bd73cbc140de402fe6ed24
SHA1: 83590cdac5071b7154b223d73655edcfc82095c1

MD5:  03ee23614281308da114e9cc815e13cc
SHA1: 21b8d084fbca32a301363d98016d71c121095c27

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