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Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sat Dec 17 17:39:50 PST 2011

Here's the second 1.12 snapshot release. Most of this is cleanups from
alanc and preparatory work for the Xi 2.2 integration. It looks like
that piece is nearly ready to merge; Peter has put the changes out for
review. When that's finished, the merge window will be closed.

There are a couple of patch sets which are outstanding today:

 * Gaetan's changes to the server C flags. I'd like to see some
   discussion about these as I don't quite get the rational.

 * Jamey's GC clipping changes. These have been reviewed and are
   pretty much ready for merging. I looked over them and offered
   a few comments, but I don't see any reason they can't get merged
   this week.

One week to go...

Adam Jackson (1):
      fbdevhw: iterate over all modes that match a mode. (v3)

Alan Coopersmith (69):
      Fix Xdmx build on Linux to work with strlcpy changes
      Don't fallback to wsfb or fbdev on Solaris
      Don't require ld -wrap for tests that don't need it
      Enable memory checking during unit testing
      Remove a couple Error() instances left behind by 09dbfcb0ad7b6c8
      Fix Sun compiler check that got turned around
      Add fallback implementation of strndup()
      Convert some malloc + strncpy pairs into strndup calls
      Convert AllocXTestDevice to use asprintf
      Convert strncpy/strncat to strlcpy/strlcat
      matchDriverFromFiles: use one snprintf instead of strncpy/cat series
      Convert dmxSetDefaultFontPath to use strdup instead of malloc+strncpy
      Convert DetermineClientCmd to use strdup instead of malloc+strncpy
      Convert ProcRenderQueryFilters to use memcpy instead of strncpy
      Make XIGetKnownProperty take a const char * argument
      Remove unnecessary variable rtrn in XkbKeysymText
      AuthAudit: clean up string handling calls
      LogVMessageVerb: Fix const mismatch warning
      Convert glx/single2.c:DoGetString() to use asprintf()
      Remove bad code from DoShowOptions (Xorg -showopts handler)
      Move DoShowOptions to xf86Configure.c, delete xf86ShowOpts.c
      Remove xf86FormatPciBusNumber from API, inline the one place its used
      Convert a bunch of sprintf to snprintf calls
      Reduce unnecessary string copying in xkbtext routines
      Mark arguments to fopen/popen/system wrappers as const char *
      Mark XKB char * as const to clean up gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings
      sun_agp: cast key to uintptr_t before casting to (int *)
      Remove redundant redeclarations of functions in the same header file
      Fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings in XkbGetRulesDflts
      Fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings in various extensions
      FindModule: stop copying const char *dirname to char *dirpath
      Fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings in xf86 ddx
      Fix gcc -Wwrite-strings warnings in xf86Modes code
      Limit the number of screens Xvfb will attempt to allocate memory for
      Disable building of tests requiring DDX functions when Xorg is not built
      Remove unused function checks from configure.ac & include/*.h.in
      Move to autoconf standard function name checks & defines
      Fix gcc warnings about redundant declarations of fallback functions
      LoaderOpen returns either a valid pointer or NULL, so don't check for < 0
      Fix builds of Xnest & Xephyr with Solaris Studio compilers
      Change disable_clientpointer return type to void
      xf86RegisterRootWindowProperty is confused about xnfcalloc
      Even more correctly free config file names
      CheckForEmptyMask does not need to declare int n twice
      constify strings in resource name registry
      xres.c: Preserve constness of string returned by LookupResourceName
      os/access.c: replace acmp & acopy macros with memcmp & memcpy calls
      Constify string for authorization protocol names
      Constify the reason string throughout the authorization check framework
      OsInit: store "/dev/null" in a const char *
      WriteToClient: preserve constness of buf while extracting length value
      LockServer: store path to LOCKDIR literal string in a const char *
      xdmcp.c: fix three small const warnings
      CompareISOLatin1Lowered: constify arguments
      x86emu: constify debug strings
      DoShowOptions: preserve constness of options list as we walk it
      Convert KdDoSwitchCmd to use asprintf instead of malloc/strcat/etc.
      KdParseFindNext: Constify delim argument
      XkbFindSrvLedInfo: remove extraneous name-clashing sli variable
      _XkbFilterDeviceBtn: move variable declarations to match usage scope
      Remove duplicate declaration of xf86ValidateModesFlags in xf86Modes.h
      Remove duplicate declarations of KdAdd*Driver in kdrive.h
      xf86Priv.h: Add some noreturn attributes suggested by gcc
      Add some printf format attributes suggested by gcc
      xf86 parser: convert Error to a varargs macro to clear gcc format warnings
      Include client name if available in PrintDeviceGrabInfo
      Fix deconstifying cast warning in xi2_get_type
      Use const cast in BitIsOn macro to avoid angering gcc
      verify_internal_event: preserve constness of data pointer

Antoine Martin (1):
      xserver: check for elevated privileges not uid=0

Chase Douglas (3):
      include: Add an InputLevel enum
      dix: Move grab check and activation logic to CheckPassiveGrab()
      dix: Split ActivatePassiveGrab() from CheckPassiveGrab()

Dave Airlie (6):
      xext: don't free uninitialised pointer when malloc fails. (v2)
      Xi: avoid overrun of callback array.
      xaa: avoid possible freed pointer reuse in epilogue
      xv: test correct number of requests. (v2)
      hal: free tmp_val in one missing case
      kdrive: drop screen crossing code.

Gaetan Nadon (6):
      docs: spell "X Server Version" consistently in titles. Add where missing.
      config: conftest needs an include directive to locate X11/Xfuncproto.h
      autoconf: remove redundant AC_PROG_MAKE_SET
      autoconf: the minimum required level for autoconf is 2.60
      test: update .gitignore with xfree86 and sort alphabetically
      dmx: fix distcheck failure, missing compsize.h in Makefile.am

Jeremy Huddleston (2):
      dmx: Build fix for -Werror=implicit-function-declaration
      dmx: Build fix for -Werror=implicit-function-declaration on linux

Julien Cristau (1):
      Fix ShmPutImage for XYBitmap

Keith Packard (3):
      Save major/minor opcodes in ClientRec for RecordAReply
      hw/xfree86: fix segfault in config parser when config dir is missing
      Version (1.12 snapshot 2)

Matt Turner (1):
      Remove another if (E != NULL) check around free(E)

Paulo Zanoni (7):
      glx: fix memory leak when destroying screen
      glx: don't leak fbconfigs
      glx: don't leak driConfigs
      Correctly free config file names
      parser: free scandir's list
      parser: free val.str after xf86getBoolValue
      parser: free val.str after xstrtokenize

Peter Hutterer (53):
      include: fix mask size calculation
      Xi: use single return code from XIPassiveGrabDevice
      dix: rename GetWindowXI2Mask to WindowXI2MaskIsset
      dix: use a single return statement in CheckPassiveGrabsOnWindow
      Xi: add helper functions to alloc/free InputClientPtrs
      Xi: add FreeInputMask function
      include: add BUG_WARN macro for internal bug cases.
      test: remove unneeded printf statements from misc.c
      include: add list_append()
      include: add list_last_entry to get the tail of a list
      include: point to the tests in list.c as examples
      include: a new list element does not need initialization, state so
      include: update struct list documentation to use one set of structs only
      include: rename "foos" to "list_of_foos" in the struct list documentation
      dix: switch the syncEvent queue to a struct list
      dix: add AllocGrab helper function
      dix: add CopyGrab() function
      dix: allocate temporary grabs on the heap
      dix: switch the dev->deviceGrab.activeGrab from GrabRec to GrabPtr
      Add a new XI2Mask struct and a few helper functions.
      input: swap the server over to use the XI2mask struct
      xfree86: bump the input ABI
      dix: use BUG_WARN for input mask size issues
      Xi: when removing a device, reset ClientPointers where needed
      xfixes: don't dereference a NULL cursor
      Xi: skip superfluous cast
      Xi: check button mapping value _before_ assigning it
      Xi: rename "state" to "corestate" in ProcessDeviceEvents
      xfree86: include xorg-config.h from xaalocal.h
      include: add BUG_WARN_MSG for custom error message on bug condition
      include: add GetXI2MaskByte and GetXI2EventFilterMask to headers
      Change GetXI2/XI/CoreType to just take a type argument
      dix: deduplicate event delivery code
      dix: replace conversion errors with BUG_WARN_MSG
      dix: split grab event conversion and delivery into a helper function
      dix: deduplicate callers of DeliverDeviceEvents in DeliverGrabbedEvents
      Xi: deduplicate button motion mask setting
      Xi: split updating button count and state into helper functions
      dix: move EventDeliveryState into a header file, we'll need it elsewhere
      dix: remove event type check
      dix: compare the grab type, not the tempGrab type
      dix: split core grab interference check into helper function
      dix: move grab matching code into a helper function
      dix: split out core state and event state setting into helper functions
      dix: move delivery stop condition out of event mask
      Add GrabIsPointerGrab and GrabIsKeyboardGrab helpers
      input: replace GRABTYPE_* with the InputLevel enums
      dix: always allocate and set the grab's sync.event
      dix: move storing last.valuators into a helper function
      dix: switch EventIsDeliverable to take the event type only
      dix: move event filter retrieval helpers to inpututils.c
      dix: add a MAXEVENTS define for the number of core + extension events
      configure: split the required modules up

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  6814b7d84fb74abdb05dab900971ba00  xorg-server-
SHA1: feed38c8f06b4149e454d8521c03d57dd4d5ac09  xorg-server-
SHA256: 070a292e712560027800065744d49d7719dbac6bc0fe34ca483a6e894e37a084  xorg-server-

MD5:  af62e0e28a8bb06fca19503b46f44472  xorg-server-
SHA1: 47c83d210a7ec0ae8c1457d21d2c80f7635f4df6  xorg-server-
SHA256: 5f1232a99ec718546d00260f5f6b10b9fad1fd5ed619a23f21b59161a5c5ea1c  xorg-server-

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