[ANNOUNCE] rstart 1.0.4

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Sat Oct 30 14:48:03 PDT 2010

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This package includes both the client and server sides implementing
the protocol described in the "A Flexible Remote Execution Protocol
Based on rsh" paper found in the specs/ subdirectory.

This software has been deprecated in favor of the X11 forwarding
provided in common ssh implementations.

This release moves the protocol specification document from xorg-docs
to this module, though it's still in troff format, and not built or
translated as part of the build process.

Alan Coopersmith (8):
      Add README with pointers to mailing lists, bugzilla, & git
      Migrate to xorg macros 1.3 & XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
      Move rstart specs from docs/xorg-docs module
      Change PKG_CHECK_MODULES to only use xproto not x11
      Fill in COPYING file with copyright notices from source code
      Add note to readme explaining what this is, and to use ssh instead
      config: Remove unnecessary calls from configure.ac
      rstart 1.0.4

Gaetan Nadon (5):
      .gitignore: use common defaults with custom section # 24239
      Makefile.am: ChangeLog not required: EXTRA_DIST or *CLEANFILES #24432
      INSTALL, NEWS, README or AUTHORS files are missing/incorrect #24206
      Makefile.am: add ChangeLog and INSTALL on MAINTAINERCLEANFILES
      config: update AC_PREREQ statement to 2.60

git tag: rstart-1.0.4

MD5:  eb82a6290dfbaa1fc09a3b7426b2eac2
SHA1: 92b1743af23e7bc8be732f314cba92dedf7907d3

MD5:  46548bae2a387a3b5d2ae623b6dfeeeb
SHA1: 6cf1f82f8679abd7f5f768a1de2f9ee34dafc65e

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