xinput calibrator v0.6.0

Tias tias at
Mon Mar 1 13:22:49 PST 2010

Dear all,

xinput calibrator is a generic touchscreen calibration program for X.Org
v0.6.0 is now available at

The project's aim is to supersede all hacked-up driver-specific 
calibrators out there, and it has already achieved this in large part.

Its main features are (more features below):
- dynamically recalibrate the mainline evdev driver
- output xorg.conf/HAL policy/UDEV rule in case of other driver
- have a minimalistic and intuitive GUI

With this announcement I would like to ask X packagers to review 
touchscreen support in their distribution. (see [1] for background 
information on how the kernel and X server handle them).

In short: if you have a recent kernel and a recent version, then 
all you lack is a generic calibrator...

Some more information:

- 2 GUI's: one in X11 (no dependecies), one in GTKMM (nicer),
- has --fake option to test it on systems without a touchscreen,
- manpage included,
- sample .desktop file included,
- generic and works for any Xorg driver (uses Xinput protocol),
- output the calibration as Xorg.conf, HAL policy and UDEV rule,
- support advanced driver options, such as Evdev's dynamic calibration,
- option -v to print out verbose debugging information (for buggy devices),
- option to feed current calibration on the command line,
- can list all calibratable devices
- option to select a specific device (eg. when having multiple touchscreens)

In the near future mis-click detection will be added, that will prevent 
a user from ending up with an erroneous calibration.

Feel free to contact me with questions.
Kind regards,

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