[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server (1.9 RC3)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Jun 22 12:37:14 PDT 2010

Mikhail reminded me that the mi overlay support is currently used in the
nvidia driver and hence shouldn't be removed at this point. And then
Kristian popped up on IRC and added his Signed-off-by: line to an
'obvious' fix that had been posted a few days ago.

So, we brown-bag RC2 and substitute a nice shiny RC3 instead!


Keith Packard (2):
      Revert "mi: Remove unused overlay support"
      Bump to -- 1.9 RC3

Kristian Høgsberg (1):
      list.h: Fix list_for_each_entry_safe()

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  d49305baa79772ca965407b0fd2dcb84  xorg-server-
SHA1: d0b0df07336d45c35cea63c17b216bda9eea6ea6  xorg-server-

MD5:  c14c21ccc8b56c2dc2b0def59bd6053e  xorg-server-
SHA1: 826c896dc176ab427c64da4c1c75d320fe9b4421  xorg-server-

keith.packard at intel.com
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