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Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Sun Jun 20 19:16:02 PDT 2010

The second RC for the stable release 1.8.2 is now available.
Not a lot of fixes as it should be. It was held back a bit by the DRI2
backports, the revert we had on the 1.8 branch made this trickier than I was
hoping for. My requests for reviews were met with tumbleweeds, so if
there are any issues with this backport, I'll just unmerge those commits.

At this point, I only take reverts for 1.8.2, so unless something bad
happened with the commits below, expect this to be very close to the final

Aaron Plattner (1):
      Fix pixmap validation in miDbePositionWindow.

Dave Airlie (1):
      composite: initialise pOldPixmap to NullPixmap at alloc time.

Jamey Sharp (2):
      xnest: Don't ignore errors from DeviceCursorInitialize.
      midispcur: Construct Picture objects lazily in case Render is disabled.

Kristian Høgsberg (3):
      dix: Update element count in FreeResource*()
      glxdri2: Hard-code the extension version we need
      list.h: Add list_for_each_entry_safe()

Mario Kleiner (1):
      DRI2/xserver: Don't hang in glXSwapBuffers if drawable moves between crtc's (bug 28383)

Nicolas George (1):
      Change keyboard controls on slave keyboards (#27926)

Peter Hutterer (7):
      Revert "Revert "DRI2: Track DRI2 drawables as resources, not privates""
      dri2: Take an XID for tracking the DRI2 drawable
      xkb: fix invalid memory writes in _XkbCopyGeom.
      DRI2: Don't return junk reply instead of blocking in glXWaitForSbcOML()
      Xi: don't copy the modifier key count when copying device classes (#25480)
      dix: the default axis mode is Relative, not "0".

Éric Piel (1):
      exa: fix ExaCheckCopyNtoN for exa_classic when source = dest

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  8a851466d13e4ee527cc782308532119  xorg-server-
SHA1: 1857151a4dc361c30ba2eaad3115722724121c81  xorg-server-

MD5:  13574b468c811653bb9d71f7defe5da3  xorg-server-
SHA1: 0547bc6e75aa546f2338211c7e73b43e27b8e527  xorg-server-

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