[ANNOUNCE] xmore 1.0.2

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Fri Jul 23 16:21:51 PDT 2010

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xmore is a simple Xaw based text viewer program.

This release provides several years worth of accumulated build and
configuration fixes, including fixing the build to work correctly
after the removal of Xaw8 (the Xprint version of Xaw).

Alan Coopersmith (5):
      Add README with pointers to mailing lists, bugzilla, & git
      config: upgrade to util-macros 1.8 for additional man page support
      config: update AC_PREREQ statement to 2.60
      Remove several unnecessary macros from configure.ac
      xmore 1.0.2

Gaetan Nadon (7):
      .gitignore: use common defaults with custom section # 24239
      Makefile.am: ChangeLog not required: EXTRA_DIST or *CLEANFILES #24432
      Deploy the new XORG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS #24242
      INSTALL, NEWS, README or AUTHORS files are missing/incorrect #24206
      Makefile.am: add ChangeLog and INSTALL on MAINTAINERCLEANFILES
      configure.ac: use backticks rather than $() for cmd subs
      config: move CWARNFLAGS from configure.ac to Makefile.am

James Cloos (4):
      Rename .cvsignore to .gitignore
      Add *~ to .gitignore to skip patch/emacs droppings
      Replace static ChangeLog with dist-hook to generate from git log
      xaw8 is gone, use xaw7

Jeremy Huddleston (2):
      Build fix for file systems that are not case sensitive
      Added missing AM_PROG_CC_C_O

Julien Cristau (3):
      Build fix: remove xprint remnants
      Fix build outside of source dir
      More xprint pruning

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (1):
      Correct make distcheck and sparse warnings.

git tag: xmore-1.0.2

MD5:  e66f16684e92d3ca035c27003157cdbd
SHA1: 7db4e5feb82d5d05038722d3af00d28e103bed18

MD5:  40b1850494f8af0939a1989c399efa11
SHA1: 837fac26815dfd197da3f63cdd679844149c610f

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