[ANNOUNCE] xf86-input-wacom 0.10.4

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Thu Jan 14 22:01:48 PST 2010

Not a lof of changes but LCA is next week so I figured I'd get a release out
anyway. There are more patches queuing up on the mailing list, most
of what's in this release is just misc. cleanup.

Please note that this is the first release done soley on sourceforge, the
download link have changed. Please update your scripts accordingly.

Peter Hutterer (8):
      Re-indent property code to what's used in the rest of the driver.
      xsetwacom: Print error message when attempting to change read-only options.
      xsetwacom: special output for write-only options.
      xsetwacom: get "all" is a read-only parameter.
      Update README to reflect current state a bit better.
      xsetwacom: the capacity property is 32 bit.
      Protect against input ABI 9 and the input attributes.
      wacom 0.10.4

Ping (1):
      Restore valid small data packets

Przemo Firszt (3):
      Fix wacom.fdi location in Makefime.am
      Remove duplicate comment in xf86WacomDefs.h
      Add Meta keys to xsetwacom

Przemysław Firszt (1):
      Rename xf86Wcm* to wcm* - part 2

Ron Lee (1):
      Install the fdi as DATA not a SCRIPT

git tag: xf86-input-wacom-0.10.4

MD5:  d6ded7769606ef1725067031445499f5  xf86-input-wacom-0.10.4.tar.bz2
SHA1: 020325de1ecca8df79e578a5fc17aaa3cf85c5e8  xf86-input-wacom-0.10.4.tar.bz2

MD5:  d591d521530c6afaee72d083ac60d21b  xf86-input-wacom-0.10.4.tar.gz
SHA1: de2963fd897a7659eb04d70dc447b8f65def5798  xf86-input-wacom-0.10.4.tar.gz

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