[ANNOUNCE] xproto 7.0.20

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Tue Dec 7 19:22:05 PST 2010

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This package provides the headers and specification documents defining
the X Window System Core Protocol, Version 11.

It also includes a number of headers that aren't purely protocol related,
but are depended upon by many other X Window System packages to provide
common definitions and porting layer.

This release provides two code changes - an additional #include <sys/types.h>
on Solaris machines to fix build issues in the X server, and the addition of
new XF86XK_TouchpadOn & XF86XK_TouchpadOff keysyms to the keysym definition

It also now includes the definitions of the ServerInterpreted families of
addresses that have been registered for use with the xhost +si:* syntax,
that were previously found in the xorg-docs module, since the X11 Protocol
spec defines the ServerInterpreted method and provides for those definitions.

The rest of the changes are further refinements of the DocBook/XML conversion
of the protocol spec which was introduced in xproto 7.0.19.   The HTML & PDF
versions should both feature greatly improved internal hyperlinking to allow
easier navigation and following of references between the interconnected
requests and events in the spec.   The conversion of the documentation is a
work in progress, and we appreciate all proof-reading to find errors (this
release fixes a couple spots where nroff markup didn't get properly converted
and appeared in the resulting text) as well as feedback on formatting or other
changes that would make the documentation more useful to developers.  Of course,
we are being very careful to not change the actual formal specification of the
protocol in these changes, just the formatting and usability.

Alan Coopersmith (23):
      Bug 31132: Xarch.h needs to include <sys/types.h> on Solaris 10
      Sun's copyrights belong to Oracle now
      spec: Add cross-reference links in doc ("see ...")
      spec: Add id's to glossary entries for use in cross-reference links
      spec: Finish converting some unconverted index entries in glossary
      spec: Stopping marking glossary terms as functions when they're not
      spec: Add glossterm cross reference links to glossary
      spec: Fix a bunch of the .BR -> <emphasis> mappings
      spec: convert predefined atom list from table to simplelist
      spec: Fix section title markup in Protocol Formats chapter
      spec: Fix section title markup in Connection Setup chapter
      spec: Change titles of other specs from emphasis to citetitle tags
      spec: move another indexterm in glossary to workaround fop crashing bug
      spec: add more indexterms linking into the body of the document
      spec: Fix a bunch of the .RB -> <emphasis> mappings
      spec: Convert Requests chapter to have a section per request
      spec: Convert Events chapter into sections
      spec: Make event names in text hyperlinks to event definition sections
      spec: Make request names in text hyperlinks to request definition sections
      Replace ASCII -> arrows with Unicode ▶
      spec: Convert some tables that didn't get converted from troff properly
      spec: Convert .DS/.DE nroff sections to <literallayout> tags
      xproto 7.0.20

Bastien Nocera (1):
      Add XF86XK_TouchpadOn/Off

Gaetan Nadon (2):
      config: HTML file generation: use the installed copy of xorg.css
      specs: add ServerInterpreted addresses directory

git tag: xproto-7.0.20

MD5:  65633168e5315c19defb4652cd3d83c1
SHA1: a55d051c8ad9c50e90429c9319d6d3af821f0696

MD5:  18320ab36999f3770b14463ed5a2d6cb
SHA1: 05addb6798a7f763a784aa36de9b558f9dbc2fe9

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