[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-geode 2.11.9

Martin-Éric Racine q-funk at iki.fi
Sun Aug 22 22:13:17 PDT 2010

Hash: SHA1

Adam Jackson (1):
      Remove mibank.h reference

Daniel Drake (1):

Frank Huang (8):
      Prevent the pixmap migration if the geode GP can not do the acceleration.
      Correctly calculate the rendering region with the mask picture
      Improve the glyph rendering performance
      Correct two outstanding compiler warnings
      Improve the glyph rendering performance
      Fix the PictOpOutReverse op
      Fix the PictOpInReverse op
      Fix the PictOpIn and PictOpOut

Gaetan Nadon (1):
      COPYING: update Copyright notices from the source code

Huang, FrankR (4):
      Put the one pixel rendering work back to the server to handle if the pMsk is not zero
      Fix the PictOpSrc rendering
      Fix the PictOpOver operation
      Fix the Nautilus file browser misrendering issue

Hunk Cui (3):
      Gamma Correction for fading operation
      Fix rotation with newer Xserver versions (exaOffscreenAlloc)
      Rectify lx_display.c outstanding compiler warnings

Jamey Sharp (2):
      Adapt to DevPrivate API changes.
      Use new server API to find the root window.

Mart Raudsepp (2):
      lx_exa: fallback in case of server-side gradients and solid fill
      Fix segfault with Option NoAccel

Martin-Éric Racine (12):
      Removed superflous duplicate license from COPYING.
      Move the AMD-specific part of the license away from the boilerplate text.
      Clean up and indent the content of COPYING for better clarity.
      Added FAQ about minimal memory requirements to rotate screen in README.
      Added square braces to all AC_INIT elements.
      Rephrased the FAQ about video rotation to NOT specify a minimum RAM size.
      Revert "Improve the glyph rendering performance"
      Created a NEWS file to document recent changes.
      Fixes the styling of NEWS for consistency.
      Further rephrase the content of NEWS.
      Fix a few typos in NEWS.
      Geode 2.11.9

Nicolas Boullis (1):
      Correctly set the name for the user-specified panel mode.

Otavio Salvador (3):
      cim: properly indent 341.349MHz entry
      cim: add a new 106.50MHz entry
      LX: validate display modes

git tag: xf86-video-geode-2.11.9

MD5:  718afca8425aa62662c03a9083915be1  xf86-video-geode-2.11.9.tar.bz2
SHA1: b6f1cccffdf3c632ba0bfb60c544f9abcdcc454f  xf86-video-geode-2.11.9.tar.bz2

MD5:  38dd62167d761071df9f60c38c2bd1aa  xf86-video-geode-2.11.9.tar.gz
SHA1: ae63ded419e4bc38f36de82e1439d4f99f88f6fc  xf86-video-geode-2.11.9.tar.gz

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