[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 1.8.0

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Apr 2 00:43:44 PDT 2010

The X.org X server 1.8.0 is now available. It's pretty close to RC2,
with some XQuartz and Cygwin/X changes, and some various input cleanups.

One other notable change since RC3 is that udev is now the default input
device autoconfiguration mechanism where available, and the server
installs a 10-evdev.conf file to make sure you get input devices after
installing the new server.

Dan Nicholson (1):
      config/udev: Prefer product name from attribute rather than uevent

Fernando Carrijo (1):
      Cleanup some comments in SpriteRec

Jeremy Huddleston (13):
      Revert "XQuartz: Explicitly pass a bellProc to make XBell() work again."
      XQuartz: GLX: Fix Availability for Tiger ppc workaround
      XQuartz: Minor cleanup
      XQuartz: xpbproxy: Cleanup xpbproxy threading
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Make standalone xpbproxy respect the launchd prefix
      XQuartz: Constrain the pointer to the updated display bounds on display reconfigure.
      XKB: Fix garbage initialization
      XQuartz: Workaround weird key data reported on some layouts
      GLX: Remove a redundant initialization
      darwin: Generate crash reports on FatalError()
      XQuartz: Re-query dixScreenOrigins as the value could've changed.
      darwin: Correct inline assembly for  ___crashreporter_info__
      Bump bundle version to 2.5.1

Keith Packard (2):
      Install 10-evdev.conf in $(prefix)/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d under udev
      xserver 1.8.0

Michel Dänzer (1):
      Xext: Fix cursor reference counting hazard.

Mikhail Gusarov (1):
      kdrive: Bump evdev maxKeycode

Peter Harris (1):
      Fix crash when all glyphs of a given depth are freed, but not all glyphsets

Peter Hutterer (4):
      configure: Always define XINPUT.
      xfree86: remove if 1 from the dawn of time.
      xfree86: merge driver from the input class into the options.
      configure: enable udev backend as "auto"

Rami Ylimaki (1):
      os: Prevent backtrace from being stopped in noreturn functions.

Ruediger Oertel (2):
      xfree86: Handle driver autoconfiguration when .conf files exist
      Remove now obsolete function chooseVideoDriver

Tiago Vignatti (1):
      xfree86: die gracefully in the vga arbiter if AddScreen fails

Tomas Carnecky (1):
      Fix typos in the swap functions

Yaakov Selkowitz (14):
      Cygwin/X: Fix make dist after 11252ed82e1f361b99e86521ac9314f868bd1a3a
      Cygwin/X: Fix windres rule for automake silent rules
      Rename xdmx client to dmxinfo
      Use libtool -export-dynamic flag for portability
      kdrive: Use $(MAKE) in relink rules
      Use EXEEXT in relink rules for portable DDXs
      Fix relink targets for silent rules
      Respect value of SED from configure
      Fix .man.N targets for AM_SILENT_RULES
      Catch errors in recursive relink targets
      mi: remove deprecated #include <X11/extensions/xf86bigfstr.h> in miinitext.c
      Xext: fix old-style function definitions in xf86bigfont.c
      New header for XF86Bigfont server functions
      Cygwin/X: Make X -> XWin symlink during install

keith.packard at intel.com
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