[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Mon Mar 9 18:54:05 PDT 2009

Here is the first release candidate in preparation for the upcoming
2.7.0 release.

git tag: xf86-video-intel-

MD5: ac1766d206bbfe7318704848641598f9  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: dbe9af35914881be7b819ca74aaa012bb305bf83  xf86-video-intel-

MD5: 10fb6ce342cdaf2d4c854b5a5d14a382  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: 96c996cb0ff1f1ccaf4f3ca7b8a1d8b3e483e6e9  xf86-video-intel-

A complete "shortlog" of all changes since 2.6.0 is included below. As
we move toward the actual 2.7.0 release I'd like to have a shorter
bulleted list of major features and bug fixes in this release. So if you
are responsible for any significant changes, please send me a sentence
or two summarizing each one.



All changes from 2.6.0 to
Adam Jackson (3):
      Limit CRT DAC speed better.
      Limit CRT DAC speed better.
      KMS: Wire up output DPMS.

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Remove xorgconfig & xorgcfg from See Also list in man page

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer (1):
      UXA: Declare glyph cache picture as component-alpha when necessary.

Bill Nottingham (1):
      Quirk MSI IM-945GSE-A LVDS, TV outputs.

Bryce Harrington (2):
      PipeA quirk for Quanta/W251U (launchpad bug #244242)
      Pipe-A quirk for HP 2730p (bug #18852)

Carl Worth (4):
      i965: Add batch_flush_notify hook to create new vertex-buffer bo
      Don't smash fixed_mode if skip_panel_detect is set.
      Set vertex_buffer_bo to NULL after unreference.
      Increment version number to for 2.7-rc1

Dan Nicholson (1):
      man: Put option defaults on separate indented line

Dave Airlie (6):
      modeset: fix xf86CrtcRotate API change across server versions
      modeset: transformPresent is a new API member
      exa: fix map gtt call to use current API
      intel: don't call enter/leave VT for KMS enabled systems
      intel/kms: disable overlay when it needs physical address
      intel: fix DRI2 should be DRI_DRI2

Eric Anholt (75):
      Move debug code for I965DisplayVideoTextured to separate functions.
      Move I965DisplayVideoTextured surface/sampler setup to separate functions.
      Move I965DisplayVideoTextured unit state setup to separate functions.
      Move i965 video cc state to BOs.
      Move i965 video vs/sf state to BOs.
      Stop allocating unused scratch space for i965 video.
      Move i965 video wm and sampler state to BOs.
      Move remaining i965 video programs to BOs.
      Move i965 video vertex data to BOs.
      Move i965 video surface state and binding table to BOs.
      Emit proper relocations to pixmaps in BOs in i965 video.
      Remove the extra memory allocation for 965 video state now that it's all in BOs.
      uxa: Add in EnableDisableFBAccess handling like examodule.c did.
      uxa: Reject solid/copy to under-8bpp destinations.
      uxa: Correctly prepare/finishaccess of stipple in ValidateGC (and only it)
      uxa: Do a hack to use the aperture mapping instead of bo_map in sw fallbacks.
      Remove old mergedfb includes and defines, which bother spatch.
      Rely on libdrm 2.4.3 and stop checking for xf86drmMode.h.
      Add SDVO LVDS register definitions.
      Add PCI write posting to LeaveVT path when we're about to wait on write results.
      Remove logical context setup.
      Fix compile failure after 45f45c73469f1bd46a1b6fb206f2e9e5e4fd66b3
      warning fix.
      Don't touch the pipestat regs for detecting FIFO underrun. The kernel owns them.
      Disable DRI2 buffer tiling on non-965, as those need fence regs for 2D blits.
      Fix pin leakage with EXA GTT-mapping shortcut, and crash with UXA on KMS.
      Always enable KMS if server's new enough, and remove option.
      Fix invarient state emits for DRI2 (do it per batch, since there's no lock).
      Re-emit i915 composite setup when the batchbuffer wraps.
      Fix libdrm version number requirement regression that got spammed in.
      Fix i915 batch_start_atomic counting.
      Protect i915 textured video against batchbuffer wrapping.
      Move 965 video setup to a separate function so we can move it around.
      Do check_aperture_space and batch_start_atomic for i965 video.
      Move i965 render state bo setup back to prepare_composite.
      Use intel_emit_reloc from video to prettify 965 render bind_bo setup.
      Move filter computation from emit_batch_header to prepare_composite.
      i965: Pull check_aperture out to a separate function and make it dtrt.
      Move i965 render transform setup from emit_composite_state to prepare_composite.
      Move i965 render vb setup to use time, and decouple state emit from it.
      Use drm_intel_bo_subdata to put render vb data in.
      Fix build with server 1.4.
      Remove 965 render wm scratch space, which was just unused.
      Move 965 render unit state to BOs.
      Move i965 render kernels to BOs.
      Move i965 render sampler state to BOs.
      Don't forget the new state bos in check_aperture.
      dri2: Use modesetting's master fd instead of opening our own non-master.
      uxa: hook up the fallback debug to the driver's fallback debug option.
      uxa: Fix failure to --amend in further changes in previous commit.
      uxa: Fix driver against fbDoCopy -> miDoCopy change in the server.
      uxa: Fix breakage from UXA_FALLBACK conversion from "do {} while (0)" construct.
      uxa: Ask for BOs ready for rendering for pixmaps.
      Don't do AdjustFrame in KMS mode.
      Fix distcheck from drmmode_display.h deletion.
      Fix up i915 composite and common solid/copy code to use check_aperture.
      Disable fb resizing for DRI1-only server so that DRI1 can initialize.
      Regard the screen pixmap as suitable for acceleration.
      uxa: Fix composite fallback debug printing of main memory versus bo info.
      Fix UXA for server 1.4.
      Only allocate pixmaps aligned for tiling when requested by DRI2 GetBuffers.
      warnings cleanup
      remove more page flipping leftovers.
      intel: Nuke shared-entity support (zaphod mode).
      Remove StolenOnly support.
      Remove configured SW cursor support.
      Remove configurable support for disabling XV.
      nuke unused define.
      Use REGION_EQUAL in place of a local implementation.
      clean up arguments to i830_allocate_framebuffer since zaphod removal.
      unused variable warning fix.
      Don't allocate the render power saving context in KMS mode.
      Document the UXA AccelMethod.
      DRI1: Update sarea (and other information) when CRTC configuration changes.
      Flip the update_dri_buffers test around to only run when DRI1 is active.

Helge Bahmann (1):
      Move disable_render_standby to EnterVT instead of startup.

Henry unbongo (1):
      Add support for SDVO LVDS.

Ian Romanick (1):
      Prevent redefinitions of CARD8 and friends.  Fixes build.

Jesse Barnes (5):
      bios_reader: make mode timing output friendlier
      Tear down batchbuffers unconditionally on LeaveVT
      Don't run in KD_TEXT mode even with KMS
      Fixup bogus VBT modes when detected
      Support tiled back/depth on 915-class hardware with DRI2.

Keith Packard (10):
      Add RandR 1.3 panning support by supporting the crtc set_origin function
      Dump out fence registers by default, add fence end registers as well
      Make i830_allocate_memory take tiling parameters.
      Resize framebuffer on screen size change (requires UXA and DRI2)
      Handle drm_bo_map failure in 965 video and composite paths.
      uxa: handle uxa_prepare_access failure
      FatalError on batchbuffer map failure
      Fix LVDS EDID to match all possible default modes
      Assign rotation memory dri_bo to rotation pixmap.
      Revert "Limit CRT DAC speed better."

Kristian Høgsberg (19):
      Fix KMS compilation.
      Simplify crtc preinit a bit.
      Make sure DRI/DRI2 can initialize properly with KMS.
      Quiet some KMS warnings.
      Implement front buffer resize for KMS.
      Fix last-minute "cleanup" that broke the patch.
      Un-revert the I915_SETPARAM_NUM_USED_FENCES commit reverted by accident.
      Fix front buffer memset() for non-KMS case.
      KMS: Hook up crtc::gamma_set.
      Make Xv used a buffer object instead of i830_memory.
      Dont allocate overlay registers in KMS mode.
      Fix i915 textured video to work with the i830_memory -> bo change.
      Access the Xv buffer through the GTT for the non-KMS case.
      KMS: Hook up rotated shadow buffers.
      Use stat() and the dev_t to find the drm device filename.
      KMS: Fix bug that prevented EDID data from getting propagated.
      Update kms to work with drmModeModeInfo API update.
      Remove a handful of unused variable warnings.
      Use drmSetMaster() and drmDropMaster() in enter/leave VT

Kshitij Kulshreshtha (1):
      Support sysfs backlight control for Sony laptops in xf86-video-intel

Lukas Hejtmanek (1):
      Fix serious memory leak at Enter/LeaveVT

Lukáš Hejtmánek (1):
      Fix another VT switch leak

Ma Ling (4):
      SDVO: reset pixel repeat in avi frame
      set continuous-frequency flag in get modes function
      Disable VGA plane reliably
      Don't disable vga centering bit.

Owain G. Ainsworth (4):
      use ifdef __linux__ where needed.
      Fix ioctl type.
      Remove triple-buffering support
      Remove the pageflipping infrastructure.

Peter Alfredsen (1):
      xvmc: fix up needed libs

Pierre Willenbrock (1):
      closedir only after finishing use of any results from readdir

Robert Noland (1):
      Fix drmOpen for non-linux 965 XvMC

Shaohua Li (1):
      Intel video driver patch

Vincent Mussard (1):
      quirk for AOpen MP45

Xiang, Haihao (3):
      XvMC: fix broken xvmc on 965
      Xv: free tearing on textured video
      typo in intel.man

Zhenyu Wang (38):
      Change master version to
      Fix TV compiling warning
      Fix DRI2 compiling warning
      Remove Cappuccino SlimPRO SP625F 855GM LVDS quirk
      Try to add LVDS detect support
      bug #17395: Quirk CRT for Sony VGC-LT71DB
      Try to always probe SDVOC on 965G/965GM
      Let lid status be unknown if no acpi lid object found
      Fix directRenderingType check
      Don't warn on ring enabled in GEM
      Revert " [965 xvmc] update dual prime g4b files"
      Bug #19239: Add a quirk for broken ACPI lid state
      Don't count vertex buffer in second aperture size check
      Bug #18004: Add Aopen 915GM LVDS quirk
      UXA: Fallback to dri_bo_map() if pin failed
      TV quirk for HP Compaq nx6310
      SDVO: Fix for HDMI encode and audio setup (try 5)
      SDVO: check EDID info for DVI-I
      SDVO: fix error in modeline and DTD convert
      SDVO: fix usage for SET_TV_FORMAT and GET_SDTV_RESOLUTION_SUPPORT command
      SDVO: Fix TV support
      SDVO: Switch control bus only before DDC access
      SDVO: remove ForceSDVODetect option
      Fix SDVO/HDMI detect
      Safely init SDVO found variable
      Fix SDVO mulitiplier setting for 945G
      bios_reader: parse driver feature BDB
      Update LVDS config bits definition in driver feature block
      Use LVDS config in Driver feature BDB for integrated LVDS check
      Update driver feature block definition for missed fields
      Skip LVDS config parsing on pre-9xx chips.
      TV: sort input mode lines
      TV: update output and crtc modes when TV format change (try 3)
      TV: add option to set TV connector type
      TV: add property control for TV attributes
      SDVO: only check digital monitor when EDID exists
      SDVO: handle multifunction encoder (try 2)

Zou Nan hai (5):
      [965-xvmc] fix dual prime kernel, flush issue on G4x
      Update binary versions of the dual-prime kernels
      [965 xvmc] update dual prime g4b files
      wait vblank before render to fix tearing
      [965-xvmc] remove the vblank wait code, drm not support mutlple client

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