[ANNOUNCE] xf86-input-synaptics

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Tue Mar 3 22:58:24 PST 2009

Another snapshot before the release since a number of fixes went into this

Most notably, syndaemon updated to use device properties by default. And a fix
that caused synclient with properties to fail on 64-bit machines.

Peter Hutterer (12):
      synclient: print an error if we can't find the synaptics device.
      syndaemon: fix minor typo in --help output.
      syndaemon: remove enable/disable_touchpad(), use toggle_touchpad instead
      syndaemon: move shm code into shm_init().
      syndaemon: if we wanted XRECORD, but it failed, exit.
      syndaemon: use device properties unless SHM is requested.
      syndaemon: disable XRecord by default.
      synclient: XCloseDisplay doesn't like NULL-pointers.
      syndaemon: needs XI_LIBS to link now.
      synclient: don't print driver's package version info.
      Don't auto-include xorg-server.h in config.h
      Bump to

git tag: xf86-input-synaptics-

MD5: f871992caa9fb32e2992bdaadd27041c  xf86-input-synaptics-
SHA1: 46ad6af3cbe733069ded5bc26abc8d010564f40a  xf86-input-synaptics-

MD5: b48f56b0f9ce0cc57acb83a683c4a472  xf86-input-synaptics-
SHA1: 6d8ebf0c4dd90de57c517f98c13912fa26a7a247  xf86-input-synaptics-
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