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Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Sun Jun 21 17:40:42 PDT 2009

xinput master never got bumped, so here's the list of changes since the
1.4.1 branching and a current snapshot for those needing it to play with the
new XI2 bits.
This is merely a snapshot of the current state, do not expect this to
be API compatible to libXi for longer than a New York Second.


Benjamin Close (2):
      Error out when  more than one instance of a name exists
      Remove superfluous dev assignment.

Julien Cristau (2):
      Factorize atom parsing in its own function
      xinput: add set-prop command

Peter Hutterer (50):
      Clean up xinput.h a bit.
      Rip HAVE_XI2 conditional functionality out.
      add xi2_find_device_id
      Change is_xinput_present() to xinput_version().
      Update to new XI2 requests and sanitize the check for XI2 in configure.
      If XI2 is available, list devices through XIQueryDevice.
      Add test_xi2 for xi2 testing.
      Print DeviceChanged events.
      Print out hierarchy events
      Change event registration a bit, using SetBit instead.
      Register for raw events
      Print enter/leave and focus events.
      Fix 64 bit issues with set-int-prop.
      fix 64 bit issues with set-int-prop and list-props.
      Fix set-float-prop on 64-bit architectures.
      replace BYTE with an unsigned char.
      Actually print event_y when trying to print event_y in Enter/Leave events.
      Print event/root x/y on device events.
      Register for exposure events and block until we're mapped.
      Add a hunk to test XI2 sync'd grabs.
      XSync the display before jumping in the grab code.
      If there's multiple null-terminated strings in the property, print all.
      The float_atom should actually be an Atom
      If there's multiple null-terminated strings in the property, print all.
      Create the float property if it doesn't exist.
      Clean up xinput.h a bit
      Remove one more unnecessary ifdef.
      XCloseDisplay when we're done.
      Get the XIDeviceInfo instead of just the id.
      Add support for XI2 property requests.
      Clean up xinput.h a bit
      XCloseDisplay when we're done.
      update test_xi2 with a few more tests.
      Update to new inputproto defines.
      Update to new inputproto and libXi naming conventions.
      Print floating slaves in XI2 list mode.
      Deal with None atoms.
      Print None properties in XI2 mode too.
      Print empty properties as <no items>.
      Print empty XI2 properties as <no items>
      Print empty properties as <no items>.
      xi2 test: add two missing breaks.
      Fix build errors introduced by inputproto
      Use the XI2 class defines for listing device classes in XI2 mode.
      Print the sourceid when listing device classes.
      Print button state when listing XI2 devices.
      Print button and valuator labels when listing a device.
      Print the valuator value for absolute axes.
      Require inputproto
      Bump to

Simon Thum (2):
      xinput: mention set-float-prop in manpage
      xinput: include device type in device list

Thomas Jaeger (4):
      test-xi2: fix modifiers for XIGrabButton call
      test-xi2: Use standard macros instead of BitIsOn/SetBit
      test-xi2: Report correct event coordinates
      reattach: Default to return to VCP/VCK when returnMode is AttachToMaster

git tag: xinput-

MD5: 4b255aafae9ddd59e10292f8bac5504e  xinput-
SHA1: df36328517c72f68fa58cb5b454a9a4bcc5e5356  xinput-

MD5: 77bff7cb31f2c81853b4cfb3b16eda7e  xinput-
SHA1: 6afabc257df680b9c1822ac885630add15b59abd  xinput-
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