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Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Jun 17 19:03:40 PDT 2009

Huzzah, it's a tarball!  This is the first tarball-release of the XI2
protocol, the shortlog is not quite so, it includes everything from 1.5.1 to

Bear in mind that XI2 is not API stable yet.


Alan Hourihane (2):
      Bump to for inputproto
      bump to

Benjamin Close (2):
      Define the Cursor datasize correctly
      XI2proto.h: fix two comments referring to the old naming scheme.

Julien Cristau (1):
      Undef Atom after we're done so we don't pollute users of XIproto.h

Paul "TBBle" Hampson (1):
      Fix typo in XI2proto.txt

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (1):
      Janitor: Correct make distcheck and dont distribute autogen.sh

Paulo Ricardo Zanoni (1):
      Change some calls to use XID* instead of char* for device id lists.

Peter Hutterer (123):
      add QueryDevicePointer request + reply
      add ChangeDeviceCursor request
      add deviceEnterNotify event, DeviceEnterNotify, DeviceLeaveNotify support
      add ChangePointerKeyboardPairing request
      add flags field to deviceEnterNotify struct
      add missing XWarpDevicePointer declaration
      add xRegisterPairingClient request and reply
      add access control requests.
      add SetClientPointer request.
      add GetClientPointer request and reply.
      Change XSetClientPointer API to use an XDevice instead of deviceid.
      Add XGE support and event types for RawDeviceEvent and PairingChanged event.
      Providing a device id for a RawDeviceEvent may not be a bad idea.
      Add xFakeDeviceDataReq
      Add ExtendedGrabRequest and the matching reply.
      Add event_type to RawDeviceEvent to store matching core event type.
      Move deviceid around in deviceEnterNotify, make room for detail field.
      xDeviceInfo: add "attached" field (replace previous padding).
      Add XI version 2 defines.
      Create new XAttachInfo class for attachment info (slave devices).
      Add XChangeDeviceHierarchy and its components.
      Add DeviceHierarchyChangedEvent.
      Add DeviceClassesChangedEvent.
      Remove RegisterPairingClient, deprecated with the device hierarchy now.
      Move deviceid in XDeviceCrossingEvent up to follow window.
      Add a device id to XiSelectEvent.
      Remove "shared" field from QueryDevicePointer.
      Remove pairingChangedNotify event.
      Remove RawDeviceEvent - for now anyway.
      Remove GrabAccessControl and FakeDeviceData.
      Whitespace fixing and sz_RegisterPairedClient removal.
      Make XAnyDeviceHierarchyChangeInfo a union of the possible types.
      Change XChangeDeviceHieararchy API.
      Add WindowAccessAllowAll constant.
      Remove "ungrab" from ExtendedGrabDevice request, remove XUngrabExtDevice().
      Remove GetPairedPointer, paired device can be found through ListInputDevices.
      Squash opcode range for MPX XI requests.
      Add deviceid to QueryDevicePointer reply.
      Add #define IREQUESTS 45. Specifies the number of requests in XI.
      Remove XInput.h. This file is now part of libXi.
      Add major/minor version as supported by client to GetExtensionVersionReq.
      Remove a leftover typedef, the code that requires it has since been removed.
      Bump to
      Add XI device property requests and replies.
      Set IEVENTS back to 18, got set to 8 inadvertantly.
      Add #defines for XI_PROP_ENABLED, XI_PROP_MODE
      Add DeviceControlChanged define.
      Back out Device Properties from XI 2, push into XI 1.5.
      Remove RCS tags, typo fix.
      Protect against C++ includes.
      Don't include Xmd.h.
      Add XI_JOYSTICK type.
      Remove Configure/QueryDeviceProperty.
      Remove default properties (XI_PROP_MODE, XI_PROP_ENABLED)
      Bump to
      Make sure Atoms are defined as CARD32.
      Remove window access protocol requests.
      PropertyNotify, move deviceid back to last byte.
      Bump to
      Whitespace cleanups.
      Add XI2 protocol specification document.
      Add XI2.h and XI2proto.h, and a few required defines to XI.h
      Split CH_ChangeAttachment into CH_AttachSlave and CH_DetachSlave
      XI2: remove button state from the RawEvent.
      Add FP3232 typedef.
      ValuatorInfo moved to FP3232
      Define FP1616 as one int16_t, one uint16_t.
      Add buttons + modifier/group information to enter/leave events.
      Add focus events
      Add XISetDeviceFocus and XIGetDeviceFocus requests
      Bump to
      Remove XI2 requests from XIproto.h
      Move CH_* constants to xi2
      Move AttachToMaster, Floating to XI2.h
      Move XI_2_Major/Minor to XI2.h
      Remove IsFloating - we don't need this in XI 1.x anymore.
      Undef Window, Time, etc. after usage again to avoid pollution.
      We don't need to define KeyCode and Mask.
      XI2proto.txt: fix typo
      Revert "Add major/minor version as supported by client to GetExtensionVersionReq."
      Add GrabDevice and UngrabDevice XI2 requests.
      Change FP1616 into a single int32_t.
      Add XIAllowEvents.
      XI2 spec: Add some more Grab/Ungrab/AllowEvents documentation.
      XI2: add passive grabs.
      Add XI2 property requests.
      Prefix all XI2 constants with "XI" -> inputproto
      XI2proto.h: s/uint32_t/Time/ where appropriate
      XI2proto.h: doxygen-ify
      Define Cursor as CARD32.
      Add per-device flags to XIDeviceHierarchyEvents
      Remove superfluous "Device" from protocol requests and events.
      XI2proto.txt: remove more mentioning of keycode grabs
      Add an introduction to XI2proto.txt
      XIQueryPointer needs to include sensible button/modifier state.
      Add XIAnyButton and XIAnyKeysym.
      XI2.h: remove XI2Mask, add XISetMask and friends.
      XI2proto: define Window, Cursor, Atom and Time as uint32_t.
      Document naming conventions for XI2proto.h.
      Add XIGetSelectedEvents request and reply.
      XI2proto.txt: remove one more keycode mentioning, fix typo
      Add Enter/FocusIn passive grabs.
      Mirror the core enter/focus modes and add the passive grab mode.
      Specify modifier interactions with attached slave devices on passive grabs.
      Move the XI2 index into versions[] over to XI2.h
      XIQueryVersion may return a BadValue for major_version less than 2.
      Document BadValue error for XIHierarchyEvents selection on devices.
      Update comment referring to an old naming scheme.
      Rename XICreateMaster to XIAddMaster for consistency.
      xXIHierarchyEvent should list num_info, not num_devices.
      XI2proto: document XSetClientPointer behaviour on None window, etc.
      XISelectEventsReq should use win (not window), like all requests.
      Ensure XIAnyModifier is an unsigned int.
      Add note that bumping XI_LASTEVENT requires changes to the server.
      Add a source field to the class information.
      Include button state in XIButtonClasses.
      Include valuator value in XIValuatorClasses
      Use the term 'labels' to refer to button and axes labels.

git tag: inputproto-

MD5: 54a7b49d88741d66624810c7d3462132  inputproto-
SHA1: 570a79817faa2e477ed0fb68a44d5b81e1e1cddf  inputproto-

MD5: d0bace77f0a10f6ad178c9950710518a  inputproto-
SHA1: 321800550eff169f22b6f0e056afc259e443ae59  inputproto-
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