[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.6.0

Zhenyu Wang zhenyu.z.wang at intel.com
Wed Jan 14 22:21:48 PST 2009

Here's xf86-video-intel 2.6.0 release. Full changelog against 2.5.1 is below.
We had DRI2 and 965 XvMC branch merged, and other bunch of fixes. We also
have basic support for SDVO LVDS from last rc.

This'll be included in Intel 2008 Q4 release, and Gordon Jin will update
on that build soon.

Thanks all contributors! Please test and report issue you'd found to us!

ChangeLog from 2.5.1:

Adam Jackson (1):
      Quirk: No LVDS on Dell Studio Hybrid

Alan Coopersmith (1):
      Remove xorgconfig & xorgcfg from See Also list in man page

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer (1):
      UXA: Declare glyph cache picture as component-alpha when necessary.

Bryce Harrington (2):
      PipeA quirk for Quanta/W251U (launchpad bug #244242)
      Pipe-A quirk for HP 2730p (bug #18852)

Carl Worth (13):
      Ignore intel_gtt binary
      Rename gen4_state_t to gen4_static_state_t
      Rename gen4_state_init to gen4_static_state_init
      Rename state_base_offset to static_state_offset in gen4_static_state_init
      Use consistent idiom for obtaining static_state
      Use buffer object for vertex buffer (in new gen4_dynamic_state)
      965: Move composite setup to new _emit_batch_header_for_composite
      Rename gen4_dynamic_state to gen4_vertex_buffer
      Unreference the vertex_buffer_bo in gen4_render_state_cleanup
      Use buffer objects for binding table and surface-state objects.
      i965: Add batch_flush_notify hook to create new vertex-buffer bo
      Don't smash fixed_mode if skip_panel_detect is set.
      Set vertex_buffer_bo to NULL after unreference.

Dave Airlie (7):
      Default kernel mode setting to off, add configure flag to enable
      uxa: don't call composite routines with no buffer.
      modeset: fix xf86CrtcRotate API change across server versions
      modeset: transformPresent is a new API member
      exa: fix map gtt call to use current API
      intel: don't call enter/leave VT for KMS enabled systems
      intel/kms: disable overlay when it needs physical address

Eric Anholt (35):
      Don't set up sarea or drm mappings in DRI2 mode.
      UXA: Re-enable non-965 render.
      DRI2: Emit the MI_FLUSH before flushing batch in swapbuffers.
      DRI2: Move pixmap pitch alignment for use with depth to pixmap create.
      Fix build failures that should have been in the previous merge commit.
      Remove the CheckDevices timer.
      Make I830FALLBACK debugging a runtime instead of compile-time option.
      i965: Support render acceleration with pixmaps in BOs.
      Remove DRI_MM defines which are always true now.
      UXA: Add support for tiled front/back/depth by cutting over to the GTT map.
      Re-enable composite accel on 965 with UXA.
      Enable tiling for DRI2 back/depth buffers.
      Move debug code for I965DisplayVideoTextured to separate functions.
      Move I965DisplayVideoTextured surface/sampler setup to separate functions.
      Move I965DisplayVideoTextured unit state setup to separate functions.
      Move i965 video cc state to BOs.
      Move i965 video vs/sf state to BOs.
      Stop allocating unused scratch space for i965 video.
      Move i965 video wm and sampler state to BOs.
      Move remaining i965 video programs to BOs.
      Move i965 video vertex data to BOs.
      Move i965 video surface state and binding table to BOs.
      Emit proper relocations to pixmaps in BOs in i965 video.
      Remove the extra memory allocation for 965 video state now that it's all in BOs.
      uxa: Add in EnableDisableFBAccess handling like examodule.c did.
      uxa: Reject solid/copy to under-8bpp destinations.
      uxa: Correctly prepare/finishaccess of stipple in ValidateGC (and only it)
      Remove old mergedfb includes and defines, which bother spatch.
      Rely on libdrm 2.4.3 and stop checking for xf86drmMode.h.
      Add PCI write posting to LeaveVT path when we're about to wait on write results.
      uxa: Do a hack to use the aperture mapping instead of bo_map in sw fallbacks.
      Don't touch the pipestat regs for detecting FIFO underrun. The kernel owns them.
      Disable DRI2 buffer tiling on non-965, as those need fence regs for 2D blits.
      Fix pin leakage with EXA GTT-mapping shortcut, and crash with UXA on KMS.
      Always enable KMS if server's new enough, and remove option.

Henry unbongo (1):
      Add support for SDVO LVDS.

Ian Romanick (1):
      Prevent redefinitions of CARD8 and friends.  Fixes build.

Jesse Barnes (3):
      Don't modify render standby if kernel mode setting is active
      Default to FULL_ASPECT panel fitting
      Make sure DRM library paths are included

Julien Cristau (1):
      Don't unconditionally define DRI2

Keith Packard (8):
      Fix mis-merge of DRI2 changes related to pI830->directRenderingType
      Use long crt hotplug activation time on GM45.
      Add RandR 1.3 panning support by supporting the crtc set_origin function
      Handle drm_bo_map failure in 965 video and composite paths.
      uxa: handle uxa_prepare_access failure
      FatalError on batchbuffer map failure
      Fix LVDS EDID to match all possible default modes
      Assign rotation memory dri_bo to rotation pixmap.

Kristian Høgsberg (7):
      Add DRI2 support.
      Fix broken test for DRI1 in DRI2 conversion.
      Update to DRI2 changes.
      Fix KMS compilation.
      Simplify crtc preinit a bit.
      Make sure DRI/DRI2 can initialize properly with KMS.
      Quiet some KMS warnings.

Ma Ling (4):
      enable Intel G35 SDVO HDMI audio output
      SDVO: reset pixel repeat in avi frame
      set continuous-frequency flag in get modes function
      Disable VGA plane reliably

Maxim Levitsky (1):
      Add an option to make the overlay be the first XV adaptor.

Owain G. Ainsworth (2):
      use ifdef __linux__ where needed.
      Fix ioctl type.

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (2):
      Export libIntelXvMC and libI80XvMC symbols.
      Include <X11/Xfuncproto.h> prior to including "edid.h" from the sdk.

Peter Alfredsen (1):
      xvmc: fix up needed libs

Robert Lowery (1):
      TV: add support to set TV margins in xorg.conf

Robert Noland (1):
      Fix drmOpen for non-linux 965 XvMC

Wu Fengguang (3):
      introduce i830_hdmi_priv.has_hdmi_sink
      enable Intel G45 integrated HDMI audio output
      refresh batch_bo reference after intel_batch_flush()

Zhenyu Wang (30):
      Make IS_GM45 into IS_G4X define
      SDVO: fix wrong order of sdvo version's major/minor
      SDVO: add HDMI audio encrypt change bit for GetInterruptEventSource command
      SDVO: fix sdvo tv format and sdtv resolution request/reply definition
      SDVO: add GetScaledHDTVResolutionSupport command
      SDVO: add command for set monitor power state
      SDVO: fix more command definition errors
      TV: white space cleanup
      TV: fix default contrast and saturation modifier
      TV: save serveral TV_CTL register fields in mode set
      TV: fix timing parameters for PAL, 480p, 1080i
      TV: subcarrier fix for NTSC and PAL
      quirk LVDS on Asus Eee box
      TV: fix contrast and saturation for 915/945G
      Disable XvMC on DRI2 for now
      Fix maxium backlight level restored issue
      Fix TV compiling warning
      Fix DRI2 compiling warning
      Remove Cappuccino SlimPRO SP625F 855GM LVDS quirk
      bug #17395: Quirk CRT for Sony VGC-LT71DB
      Try to always probe SDVOC on 965G/965GM
      Fix directRenderingType check
      Don't warn on ring enabled in GEM
      Bump version
      Don't count vertex buffer in second aperture size check
      Bug #18004: Add Aopen 915GM LVDS quirk
      UXA: Fallback to dri_bo_map() if pin failed
      Bump version
      Revert "Assign rotation memory dri_bo to rotation pixmap."
      Bump version 2.6.0

Zou Nan hai (13):
      965 xvmc, current only frame based DCT_type support
      [965-xvmc] some fixes for earlier 965 chips
      Fix from He Shuang(shuang.he at intel.com),
      [965-xvmc] support field prediction and dct type, optimize in GPU
      [965-xvmc] add missing g4a file
      [965-xvmc] half-pixel bug fix
      [965-xvmc] some shader optimize
      [965-xvmc] There is some issue with uv half pixel, remove it till fix
      [965-xvmc] optimize, pack some payload
      [965-xvmc] IGD support
      [965-xvmc] 965q indirect media data workaround
      [965-xvmc] fix dual prime kernel, flush issue on G4x
      Update binary versions of the dual-prime kernels

root (1):
      [i965-xvmc] bypass copy when put image with xvmc

git tag: xf86-video-intel-2.6.0

MD5: 70f23db0f5178f63b4d688e6fc4a43de  xf86-video-intel-2.6.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: bc1040a2a2f399b0d141d3addd4735a13c1bacb4  xf86-video-intel-2.6.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 6c3071b6655fa0acfda1ae46eceb5039  xf86-video-intel-2.6.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 8545dafd077a715bd3c7a83a5b15a2fb07b71a49  xf86-video-intel-2.6.0.tar.gz

Open Source Technology Center, Intel ltd.

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