[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-ati 6.10.0

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 16:18:49 PST 2009

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xf86-video-ati 6.10.0

Major changes:
- - Bicubic scaling on r3xx/r4xx/r5xx/rs690
- - Support for new asics
- - reduced tearing with Xv
- - lots of bug fixes

Adam Jackson (2):
      Fix connector table mapping for lvtma/kaleidoscope/uniphy.
      Fix HDMI output setup on DIG1/DIG2.

Adrian Friedli (1):
      Add another AGP quirk

Alex Deucher (91):
      Revert "IGP: attempt to fix VGA on IGP chips"
      RADEON: IGP VGA fixes take 2
      RS4xx: enable the DRI by default on all variants
      Revert "rotate: fix rotation in conf file."
      Add quirk for Falcon NW laptop
      Fix cursor with multi-head and rotation
      Make sure cursor offsets are properly aligned when using EXA
      R300: NUM_FPU adjustments for VAP_CNTL
      ATOM: Add support for UpdateCRTC_DoubleBufferRegisters cmd table
      ATOM: fix for r4xx cards with no VRAM_Usage tables
      Add oem quirk for external tmds setup on Dell Inspiron 8600
      Clean up legacy display watermark setup
      Clear display priority bits before resetting them
      Interlaced mode fixups for AVIVO chips
      First pass at InitDispBandwidth() for AVIVO chips
      Add quirk for oem x300 card
      Fix error in driver connector table for powerbook w/ vga
      Change prim types for exa and textured video to help avoid tearing
      IGP: Updated quirk handling
      IGP: attempt to get external TMDS working
      IGP: fix typo in IGP quirk handling
      Remove un-needed dac check for single crtc cards
      RS4xx: Fix up ddc gpio
      RS4xx DDC fixes take 3
      Fix VT switching on M6 chips
      Further cleanup and unification of i2c code
      Remove reset of 3D scissor registers when using the CP in the ddx
      PLL adjustments
      Whitespace cleanup from bucubic merge
      Additional cleanups and re-arragement following bicubic merge
      match textured video macro names with other accel code
      Move CP into a separate struct
      Move accel state to a separate struct
      Move DRI to a separate struct
      Switch to using radeon_drm.h from the drm
      Convert randr, Xv to a common allocator
      Bicubic fixes from the last cherry-pick
      Switch cursors over to generic allocator
      Switch EXA path back to static cursor allocation
      fix some fallout from the common allocator
      radeon: Add quirk for macbook
      Fix copy/paste error in the last commit
      more macbook fixes
      cleanup macbook quirk
      radeon: Further pll adjustments
      atombios updates from upstream
      Workaround to make initial rotation work
      proper fix for initial rotation
      man page updates
      Add support for DDC via atom commands for RV410
      Refactor atom LCD/DFP output setup
      Turn coherent mode off by default on DVI
      set grey levels correctly for temporal dithering
      Fixups from last DFP/LCD refactor
      Fix grey level dithering setup
      Add LCD dithering quirk for macbook pro
      Check for LVDS on all IGP chips
      Don't support rotation is accel is not available
      Get hardcoded edid from the bios for servers that support it
      Fix up posted logic
      radeon: fixup shared DDC lines for some rv610 cards.
      Add quirk for r200 card with the primary dac wired to both ports
      move 3d state init after RADEON_SWITCH_TO_3D()
      Only flush IB when direct rendering is enabled
      Make sure 3D state is emited when switching to 3D IB
      Fix up US setup after r3xx bicubic merge
      First pass at tear-free accel
      Make VSync for EXA and Xv configurable
      set coherent mode consistently (enabled for now)
      R200: Remove scissor setup from init3d()
      Add missing .TP in man page
      Add randr 1.3 panning support
      Add another AGP quirk
      Add support for Apple eMacs
      Remove mention of MergedFB from server log
      Remove remnants of unused DDCMode option
      R3xx-R5xx: switch back to quad rendering for Xv
      R2xx: switch EXA composite to rects rather quads
      Pre-avivo: fix FP setup
      R3xx-R5xx: better fix for xv primitive tearing issues
      R2xx EXA: limit composite to 2047 like r1xx
      Make sure to include radeon_drm.h in the tarball
      Revert "radeon: maybe special handling only needed for DVI port
not HDMI one."
      RS600: remove gpio quirk for ddc
      R2xx: add another AGP quirk
      Another AGP quirk
      AGP: Print both device and subsytem pci ids for agp
      ATOM: fail on more tables with unhandled revisions
      ATOM: add format rev 2 for digitial command tables
      R100: Fix typo in e55598cc1b35d398c9eb2c3946df71456775f621
      Bump version for release

Benjamin Close (1):
      xf86misc extension has been removed, update driver to reflect it

Benjamin Herrenschmidt (3):
      atombios: add support for other endians.
      Fix console switch on R500
      radeon: Fix PCI usage of 32-bit driver on 64-bit platform

Brice Goglin (2):
      use PACKAGE_VERSION_* for radeon version
      Increase default GART size to 32MB on >=R300

Bryce Harrington (4):
      radeon: Fix pasto in connector table setup for vga powerbooks
      Add AGP quirk table
      Additional AGP quirks
      Add another AGP quirk

Calvin Fong (1):
      IGP: add support for NTSC tv-out on legacy IGP chips

Corbin Simpson (21):
      Add bicubic texture table, as well as the script used to
(re)generate it. To regenerate, just run "python bicubic_table.py >
      Fixed typos in the bicubic texture tables. Whoops, looks like
I'm still asleep.
      Allocate memory for the bicubic filter texture.
      Upload bicubic filter to card. This was a LOT easier than I had
feared, to be honest.
      Upload pixel shader to card for r5xx. This was ridiculous. Also
it doesn't work yet...
      Try to get tex coords from the VAP to RS properly when bicubic
filtering is enabled.
      Make vertices emit properly.
      More bicubic FP buggies.
      Finally got the fragment program fully working for bicubic
filtering on r5xx.
      Fix constants.
      Merge upstream changes to vertices, and also add Xv attributes
for textured video, including bicubic filtering.
      Oops, made a mistake with vertices.
      Bump bicubic cutoff to R580.
      Force R580-only for bicubic.
      Update bicubic tables.
      Enable bicubic filtering for all r5xx HW.
      Change floats to uint32_t hex.
      Switch from 32-bit floats to 16-bit half-floats.
      Switch to Mesa-style 24-bit float packing.
      r3xx: Various Xv fixes.
      Fix indentation on IS_R300_3D Xv code.

Dave Airlie (45):
      radeon: drop all use of CPMode.
      rotate: fix rotation in conf file.
      rv770 initial support
      pciid: add radeon HD3850.
      atombios: use macro to get offset into table
      atombios: fix typo in mode conversion for panel
      radeon: make r600 use i2c table lookup for ddc.
      radeon: add 0x9441 for hd 4870 x2
      radeon: fix powerpc build
      radeon: rename radeon_memory to radeon_legacy_memory.
      radeon: hopefully fix plls for 30" monitors.
      atombios: set missing pixel clock
      atombios: oops typo
      pciid: add HD3300 - 790GX chipset.
      radeon: always align dstPitch to 64 bytes for textured video
      r100/r200: EXA misrenders dst == a8 + dst alpha use.
      radeon_drm.h: remove kernel defines
      radeon: fix HDMI having DACs in some BIOSes
      Stability fixes from radeon-gem-cs
      Don't mix 2D and 3D in the same IB
      radeon: apply atom quirks to object table
      radeon: damn you bios, HDMI cannot have DACs.
      radeon: memset the pll setting function
      r600: don't idle engine
      radeon: fixes from Alex for some output engines
      DCE32: add support for DCE3.2 digital outputs.
      radeon: add initial rv730 pciids.
      atombios: fix issue with Clearing of MM_INDEX 0.
      atombios: correct fix for previous issue.
      atombios: fixup parsing of TV tables on r500 and r600 cards.
      atom/tv: fixup the tv out default if bios doesn't specify
      atom/tv: enable scaler can set the TV output scaler up.
      atom: spc3 only requires ucEncoderMode for DIG outputs
      radeon: use latest atombios constants for TV encoders in set_crtc_source
      atom/r600: re-enable TV outputs
      atombios: re-enable TV dpms
      radeon: tv timings have crev/frev wrong way around for some reason.
      radeon: add all new pci ids for rv730/rv710 families
      radeon: setup 3D engine even when no DRI.
      atombios/tv: add an option to enable atom tv-out for users.
      radeon: pass distcheck
      radeon: update to
      radeon: a-bit motherboard has no DVI output
      radeon: maybe special handling only needed for DVI port not HDMI one.
      atombios: endian fix in r600 object table handling

Dennis Kasprzyk (12):
      Fix texture size, texture filter, vertex offsets, etc.
      Set helper texture filter correctly.
      Implement LPR in one instruction.
      Remove uneeded negations.
      Heavy optimizations.
      Remove one constant.
      Smarter usage of the texture semaphore.
      Another uneeded SEM_AQUIRE.
      Move some ALU instructions after the TEX instructions, so we can
do something usefull while we are waiting for the texture values.
      Fixed bicubic fragment program comments.
      Fix bicubic fp calculation.
      Fix typos.

Egbert Eich (1):
      Cleanups from rhd port

Eygene Ryabinkin (1):
      Catch unsubstituted macro for PCI region base access

Fabio (4):
      Fix formatting in man page
      Remove duplicate ATI in some device names
      man page updates
      man page updates

Joseph Adams (1):
      Add more eMac modes, fix crash in last patch

Julien Cristau (2):
      Link with -lpciaccess and -ldrm if needed
      Bug#7148: Fix manpage formatting

Maciej Cencora (3):
      Add needed FP registers, etc. for r3xx bicubic Xv.
      Add r3xx-specific bicubic filtering code. FP, RS, mostly,
everything else is shared with r5xx.
      Enable bicubic Xv on r3xx+. Still some buggies in the actual
display, but looks pretty good.

Michel Dänzer (7):
      Restore versioning of interface for Mesa DRI driver.
      Only declare local variable when it's used.
      Call DRM modeset ioctl after the IRQ has been initialized.
      Make sure video offerlay offsets don't exceed the hardware limit
of 128 MB.
      Fix -Werror build.
      Update GEN_INT_CNTL register value after calling DRM modeset ioctl.
      Pass base offset into RADEONDisplayVideo() explicitly.

Owain Gordon Ainsworth (1):
      radeon: don't call ioctl unless DRI is initialised

Patrick Haller (1):
      Fix off by one in EXA composite limit checking

Pierre Ossman (10):
      Fix comments for R500 fragment shader to reflect the code.
      Fix node setup on R300 bicubic pixel shader. It was backwards and used
      Fix macros so that they are safe to use with expressions as parameters.
      Now that we have a bicubic code path that messes up the pixel shader,
      Make the R300 bicubic shader program a bit easier to understand by
      Change the XV_BICUBIC attribute to a tristate, where the third state
      Switch r200 Xv to use rect lists rather than quads to avoid tearing
      Improve tearing avoidance for Xvideo in two steps
      Optimise RADEONWaitForVLine
      Fix scissor setup for Xv

Ramon van der Stelt (1):
      Interlaced mode fixes

Roland Scheidegger (1):
      clamp tex coords (r100/r200) for textured video

Wolke Liu (1):
      Add pci id for FireMV 2400

git tag: xf86-video-ati-6.10.0

MD5: 6445815b12ffa4ccd1aafd43640f466d  xf86-video-ati-6.10.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: ebcd64be211bc9d8853da420efa85196c3ddf157  xf86-video-ati-6.10.0.tar.bz2

MD5: 0c35ba455fa4af4945385fb648bfcc09  xf86-video-ati-6.10.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 4a436b2f88ce9f06e75431e60215de517aaa6e27  xf86-video-ati-6.10.0.tar.gz

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