[ANNOUNCE] libX11 1.2.1

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 7 16:46:53 PDT 2009

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Alan Coopersmith (21):
      flags member of Display structure needs to be marked volatile
      Incorporate char range comments from Solaris version of ksc5601.h
      Incorporate more locale names/aliases from Solaris libX11
      Add --with-locale-lib-dir configure option to set locale lib install dir
      Bug 6820: Xlib shouldn't handle EAGAIN as a fatal IO error
      Bug 9953: Please provide locale alias hu_HU.utf8
      Correct locale alias for sh_BA.ISO8859-2 at bosnia (should be sr, not nr)
      Bug 14651: We need to add new locale specification for Belarusian Latin locale
      Bug 10082: Compose entries for some standard mathematical operators
      XErrorDB additions for RANDR 1.3
      XErrorDB additions for XInput errors and new XInput 1.5 requests
      XErrorDB additions for DRI2 requests
      Remove ifdef checks for macII left over from ancient A/UX 3.0 support
      When makekeys fails to find a good hash, print error instead of divide-by-zero
      makekeys: combine malloc(strlen)+strcpy into strdup
      Remove _XP_PRINT_SERVER_ #ifdefs from Xrm.c
      Delete some unused "#ifdef notdef" static functions
      Change masculine to ordmasculine in Compose file comments
      Further ansify prototypes & reduce #ifdefs in locking.c
      Fix a several sparse warnings: Using plain integer as NULL pointer
      Version bump: 1.2.1

Caolan McNamara (1):
      Bug 20575: man page for XCreatePixmapFromBitmapData doesn't match signature

Chris Ball (2):
      Build fix for fi_FI.
      Fix fi_FI locale install directory.

Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias (1):
      xcb_io: Avoid datatype overflow on AMD64 and friends.

Julien Cristau (2):
      nls: actually use the fi_FI.UTF-8 files
      Add a ru_RU.UTF-8 locale

Lubos Lunak (2):
      XGetErrorText() fails for extension error codes equal to the error base
      XErrorDB updates for XTEST, RANDR, DAMAGE extensions

Milos Komarcevic (1):
      Bug 11456: Serbian locale updates (sr_RS and sr_ME)

Paul Bender (1):
      Bug 15664: xau & xdmcp not needed in x11.pc dependencies when built with xcb

Xue Wei (4):
      Add kk_KZ.UTF-8 to locale.dir.pre for Kazakhstan
      Add locale aliases for no_NO & sh_BA locale variants
      Add nn_NO.UTF-8 to compose.dir.pre for Norwegian Nynorsk
      Add UTF-8 locale entries for es_US, kk_KZ, mt_MT, and sh_BA

Yaakov Selkowitz (Cygwin Ports maintainer) (1):
      Bug 20773: Xcursor dynamic loading on Cygwin

git tag: libX11-1.2.1

MD5: 2f2beb98e71f397e1209beaca4e97cb1
SHA1: 8e58c3d9070cd164a960dc89b20cf0e35bade8c8

MD5: 858e013fd4c37689a2a8d86c8765dab0
SHA1: f9858c7657f9815afd1f2f1516b8da7e4ccf239e

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