[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.4.98

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Sat Oct 18 16:26:27 PDT 2008

This is mainly a smoke test for the final 2.5.0 release which I hope to do on 
Monday.  Please give it a try and let me know if you run into build issues, 

Looks like we won't get *all* the blockers fixed, but I think we did pretty 

Changelog from 2.4.97 below.


Adam Jackson (1):
      Fix Mac mini crash in DDC mode probe

Bryce Harrington (1):
      Add TV out quirk for HP Compaq nx6110

Carl Worth (8):
      Examine picture repeatType as well as repeat field.
      Add support for RepeatPad and RepeatReflect.
      Prefer repeatType field over using both repeat and repeatType.
      Fallback to software for RepeatNone with transformed RGB-only pictures.
      Revert "Fallback to software for RepeatNone with transformed RGB-only 
      Rename default_color to border_color
      Document and use 'legacy' border color mode
      Disable frame buffer compression by default for GM965.

Daniel Stone (1):
      i830: Fix timer leak

Dave Airlie (1):
      mode: fix missing comma

David Schleef (1):
      Bug #17277: fix upscaling limit

Eamon Walsh (2):
      Remove unused exa_pixmap_key.
      Change uxa private keys to integer variables.

Eric Anholt (12):
      Add some MCHBAR registers for debugging tile swizzling issues.
      Bug #17446: Don't try to manage IRQs in GEM mode.
      Track move of bufmgr functions to libdrm_intel.
      Track the move of irq emit/wait to fake bufmgr.
      Track move of exec to bufmgr, and restoration of emit/wait funcs for 
      Work around libpciaccess reporting a 0 rom size by guessing.
      Add support for RepeatPad and RepeatReflect to 915 and 830-class Render 
      Fix bios_reader build against old servers.
      Fix driver build against server 1.4.2.
      Add a GTT dumper for G4x debugging.
      Fix broken stolen memory counting on G4X.
      Remove gratuitous flushing in EXA after solid operations.

Fabio (1):
      Man page patch to clarify meaning of VideoRam option with i810/i815

Jesse Barnes (15):
      Update version to post-2.5
      Fix UXA build for distcheck
      Fix build when using kernel DRM headers
      Only BO map render state if kernel mode setting is active
      Add Cappuccino SlimPRO SP625F to no LVDS quirks list
      Add no TV out quirk for HP Compaq nx6110
      Revert "Add no TV out quirk for HP Compaq nx6110"
      Update supported hardware list
      Work around gcc uninitialized variable warnings
      Use -Werror by default
      Use VBT LFP info pointers by default
      Be more verbose about panel data in VBIOS dumper
      Revert "Use -Werror by default"
      Document more VBIOS functionality
      Update version to 2.4.98 for 2.5.0 release candidate

Julien Cristau (1):
      Typo fix

Keith Packard (6):
      Use uintptr_t instead of uint64_t to hold pointer value
      Eliminate INT10 call to get BIOS contents
      i830 nondrm batch buffer insertion was missing ADVANCE_LP_RING() call
      For non-DRM, add NOOPs after BATCH_BUFFER_START to verify completion
      XAA tiling support was mis-computing adjusted pitch (>>4 instead of >>2)
      Handle differently tiled front/back/depth/third in DRI window management

Lukas Hejtmanek (1):
      Fix driver build against server master.

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      Fix ordering of VGA vs. plane disable

Robert Noland (2):
      Check for drm before calling modeset ioctl.
      Fix typo in last commit

Shuang He (1):
      Fix a typo in G965 texture video code

Stefan Dirsch (1):
      Pipe A force quirk for Toshiba Satellite A30.

Xiang, Haihao (4):
      Put back check for pI830->hw_status in setting hws in non-GEM mode.
      Move bufmgr init earlier so it's available at I830DRIDoMappings time.
      Put back check for pI830->hw_status in setting hws in non-GEM mode.
      Move bufmgr init earlier so it's available at I830DRIDoMappings time.

Zhenyu Wang (15):
      Destroy bufmgr after allocation finish
      Fix X exit crash in NoAccel
      Disable render standby
      Add support for G41 chipset
      Check display stride limit when allocate front buffer
      Fix output detection for DVI-I
      Bug #16515: Fix VT switch with DVI on G45
      Do force CRT detect sequence twice on 4 series chipset
      Render register clock gating disable fix on 4 series chipset
      Bug #16631: add option for SDVO force detect
      Put forware VBIOS data parsing
      Remove Lenovo T61 TV quirk
      Bug #17892: Fix possible crash in CRT probe
      Make GTT dumper work on other 9XX chips
      Don't handle irq in GEM mode

git tag: xf86-video-intel-

MD5: e3ab56e8d15205ab63978d0336fd385f  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: 8213fc95ceaa347cf96f70375d8820818b406400  

MD5: 9ed649916cc1f1a57bcdde6619c294d6  xf86-video-intel-
SHA1: 65cef328982b261db1c91a6d3a5781a5b613ba91  

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