Julien Cristau jcristau at debian.org
Wed Nov 5 13:40:54 PST 2008

Together with the usual bug fixes and compose and keysym updates, this
release candidate brings support for Generic Events (XGE), and makes use
of libxcb's new socket handoff mechanism.

The shortlog from 1.1.5 follows.

Adam Jackson (2):
      Bug #14898: Don't abuse the sprintf() implementation.
      Fix the previous patch for the BadFont case.

Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Strip whitespace from end of lines in source files
      Rework code to choose local connection types and fallback to others
      Sun bug #6739431: double free in _X11TransConnectDisplay()

Chris Ball (1):
      Remove configure check for xcb-xlib.

Daniel Stone (2):
      gitignore: Update with loads more bits from server
      configure.ac: Fix CC_FOR_BUILD logic error

James Cloos (9):
      Fix commit 21e464ec682ab23ba20ddf6bd72c6db214cfbe01
      Add <Multi_key> <cedilla> Compose tuples
      Work on making the en_US and pt_BR UTF-8 Compose as similar as possible.
      Add more <Multi_key> <cedilla> Compose tuples
      nls (en_US) Re-remove long compositions that override shorter
      Complete the set of vulgar fractions
      Remove extraneous <angle brackets> from the Ethiopic Compose file.
      Increase size of working arrays in the makekeys utility program.

Jamey Sharp (2):
      Fix XAllocID race: hold the user display lock until we have a new XID.
      Support multiple independent internal sync handlers

Jeff Smith (1):
      Fix memory leak in XOpenDisplay

Jens Herden (1):
      NLS: Add Khmer compose sequences (bug #5706)

John Tapsell (1):
      Build: Use native compiler for makekeys

Josh Triplett (2):
      .gitignore: Add dolt files
      Use XCB's new socket handoff mechanism rather than the old XCB Xlib lock.

Julien Cristau (2):
      Fix distcheck
      Bump to

Keith Packard (2):
      Permit only one Xlib thread to block waiting for events
      Ensure that _XReadEvents always leaves an event in the queue on return

Khaled Hosny (1):
      NLS: Add Arabic Lam-Alef ligature compose sequences (bug #16426)

Matthias Clasen (1):
      Bug #17616: Fix an XCB leak when the client has a non-fatal error handler.

Michael Verret (1):
      Fix documentation typo

Peter Hutterer (9):
      Add XGenericEvent definition and handling for long events.
      Pull down extra bytes when reading a GenericEvent (non-xcb).
      Require xproto 7.0.13 and libxcb 1.1.90 (for GenericEvents)
      Bump to
      Fix unbalanced parenthesis in XKBlib.h # 16551
      xkb: fix out-by-1 error in _XkbWriteKeyExplicit.
      Add XF86Battery, XF86Bluetooth, XF86WLAN, XF86UWB to keysymdb.
      Add more keysyms for PS3 BD remotes, Ericsson Phones #16519
      man: fix formatting error in XkbGetIndicatorState man page.

Rafael Ávila de Espíndola (1):
      Fix problem with <dead_acute> <c> in pt_BR.UTF-8

git tag: libX11-

MD5: 2450f861d39939e46f8a4ced1abc3504  libX11-
SHA1: 9eb408af5f122d2d01204b5b18db9bf62508d5f3  libX11-

MD5: 196abcbda861656d67f9534bb0c95001  libX11-
SHA1: e19aedb1dbb379c8551f8766030f53005eda7d72  libX11-

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