[ANNOUNCE] libXrandr

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Wed Dec 17 08:34:50 PST 2008

Just bugfixes relative to, no new protocol.

Adam Jackson (6):
      Use RRSimpleCheckExtension in functions returning void
      Fix type of GetReq() argument.
      Use RRCheckExtension in function returning a value.
      Be sure to return NULL when returning no properties.
      Define _XRRHasRates internally.

git tag: libXrandr-

MD5: ab4210c6d89888e55520bc2c568b6867  libXrandr-
SHA1: acf43779a10f471e3a01b927b93a5fa788bf7ab1  libXrandr-

MD5: d6840db52bd9449c3489c15eda830905  libXrandr-
SHA1: d2551ece776ece23f315944a3079548e24d838c0  libXrandr-

- ajax
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