[ANNOUNCE] xdm-1.1.0

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at sun.com
Tue Oct 3 19:00:37 PDT 2006

Minor feature release - adds use of Xft for drawing greeter dialog
text, and overhaul of PAM code to allow complete PAM conversation.

git tag: xdm-1.1.0


md5 (xdm-1.1.0.tar.bz2) = 2e20d86a5e77f1f5a1bf7a3bae27adb6
md5 (xdm-1.1.0.tar.gz) = 3365bd5d25ae2c2760bee089e7022693

sha1 (xdm-1.1.0.tar.bz2) = 6a940ce1a9adc9652982024f218d76ce7894c0cf
sha1 (xdm-1.1.0.tar.gz) = 221bc9c2eff509127494b20fc380b0deb76f4336

Other changes since 1.0.5:

  Make initial pass at an AUTHORS list.
  Replace old Imake-based SIGNALRETURNSINT with AC_TYPE_SIGNAL
  Replace old Imake #ifdefs with AC_CHECK_FUNCS([sigaction])
  Mark GreetUser (called from xdm) as _X_EXPORT. Make all other non-static
         functions in libXdmGreet _X_INTERNAL.
  Initialize manufacturerDisplayID.length to 0 too.
  Bugzilla #7332 (1) Xdm compiled with IPv6 support failed to accept any
         chooser connections  (even when only using IPv4).
     (2) There should be a one-to-one correspondence between successful
         getaddrinfo calls and freeaddrinfo calls. (Peter Breitenlohner)
  Bugzilla #7318 xdm crashes on Hurd because of incongruity in dlfuncs (J.P.
  Bugzilla #7317 xdm needs to define _XOPEN_SOURCE to build on Hurd (J.P.
  Add XORG_WITH_LINT & lint targets for checking code with lint/sparse/etc.
  Fix many sparse warnings of: Using plain integer as NULL pointer
  Store return values from umask in mode_t instead of int (clear lint warnings)
  Use pid_t instead of int when working with fork/wait/etc. (clear more
        lint warnings)
  Drop pre-waitpid() support since all POSIX.1-1990 systems have waitpid.
  Delete unused Panic() function
  Sun bug 6459557: remote logins to xdm fail since recent PAM fixes
  Include display number in Xserver arguments
  SetPrompt takes LOGIN_* not PAM_* constants for type argument
  Replace static ChangeLog with dist-hook to generate from git log
  Bump version number to 1.1.0

	-Alan Coopersmith-           alan.coopersmith at sun.com
	 Sun Microsystems, Inc. - X Window System Engineering

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