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Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Fri Dec 1 16:17:04 PST 2006

Aaron Plattner:
      Add a -showDefaultModulePath option.
      Add a -showDefaultLibPath option.
      Add DIX_CFLAGS to util builds.

Adam Jackson:
      Fix release date, and tag

      make X server use system libdrm - this requires libdrm >= 2.3.0
      DRI: call drmSetServerInfo() before drmOpen().
      add extern to struct definition
      fixup configure.ac problems with DRI_SOURCES and LBX_SOURCES

Daniel Stone:
      bump to
      remove CID support (bug #5553)

Dave Airlie:
      dri: setup libdrm hooks as early as possible.

Eric Anholt:
      Bug #8868: Remove drm from SUBDIRS now that the directory is gone.
      Fix typo before the last commit.

George Sapountzis:
      Fix GL context destruction with AIGLX.

Jeremy C. Reed:
      On DragonFLy, default to /dev/sysmouse (just like on FreeBSD).

Jurij Smakov:
      ffs: handle 0 argument (bug #8968)

Matthias Hopf:
      Bug #9023: Only check mice for "mouse" or "void" if identifier is != 
      Fix potential NULL pointer access in timer code.

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93cfbde6a763580b935120d89c166a87f5bc2088  xorg-server-
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- ajax
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