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Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Fri Apr 28 16:26:22 PDT 2006

Bug #6750: Fixup for quirky Intel bridges. (Dave Airlie)

Bug #6751: Use sysfs to read card ROMs if available. (Dave 

Bug #6325: Add support for x4a4 picture format.

Bug #6472: Fix a static buffer overflow.  (David Woodhouse)

Update all prefixes in config tools, so they mostly work again. Also, make
RgbPath commented out when using xorgconfig. Start using /dev/input/mice as
the default mouse location on Linux.

Bug #6628: Wrap a couple more SDK headers in if XORG, as per Dave Airlie
commit on 2006-01-18.

Bug #6628: Fix kdrive build by linking in libexa before KDRIVE_LIBS.

CVT means Coordinated Video Timing instead of Common.

Coverity #804: Another leak on OOM path.

Coverity #806: Another memory leak on OOM path.

Coverity #847, #848, #849: Three more memory leaks.

Coverity #1003, #1004: Two more useless null checks.

Coverity #1005: Avoid a null deref.

Coverity #1007: Fix a silly null check.

Bug #6580: Installing xf86drm.h is the job of libdrm, not us.

FreeResource() instead of deleteCompOverlayClient().

CVS tag: xorg-server-1_0_99_902

646733ea555f12865f0fe81b36b1496b  xorg-server-
75ea9d0024b153d127a74154c48afdeb412b9797  xorg-server-

643633bbc7038643b29a373aa3a2413e  xorg-server-
7013aa81f8337b431621c3dadab0edee3833f077  xorg-server-

- ajax
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