[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Sat Apr 1 16:55:30 PST 2006

Numerous build fixes and final feature landings relative to last week's 
snapshot.  Builds against Mesa 6.5.

From this point on all stabilization work for the 1.1 release should happen on 
the appropriate branch.  Please feel free to continue development on HEAD.  
Normal stable branch rules apply: if you're applying a bug fix to the branch, 
apply it to HEAD first.  If there's any question about the appropriateness of 
a fix for the branch, open a bug for it and set it to block #5041.

I'll start doing snapshots of both HEAD and the stable branch next week.  I'm 
thinking either weekly or biweekly, leaning slightly towards biweekly.

CVS tag: xorg-server-1_0_99_2
Branchpoint for: server-1_1-branch


- ajax
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