[Xf86-video-armsoc] New commits merged to armsoc repo

Paul Geary armsoc-bugs at arm.com
Thu Aug 7 02:18:06 PDT 2014



A number of commits have been merged to the freedesktop armsoc repo over the
past few weeks/months which have not been posted on this mailing list. Below
are the git logs for these new commits for all your attention.


Best regards,




commit 9702414f69428913f25bac78051f310b9ecb483d

Author: Sunny <sunny.sun at arm.com>

Date:   Mon Jul 21 15:02:35 2014 +0800


    Fix performance issue when enlightenment started.


    Change some logic in ARMSOCDRI2ScheduleSwap(). If src and dst has

    same size and they are both no-framebuffer with compositor enabled,

    we only need to exchange buffers between src and dst pixmap.


    Change-Id: Iba0b3e248589bc8d05f5b52cfb12865790d812a3


commit d5df209d6ca1a11fabc22a0c5b1d12628198c946

Author: Sunny <sunny.sun at arm.com>

Date:   Tue Jul 15 09:38:47 2014 +0800


    XServer crash with multiple applications running at the same time


    armsoc ddx only allows two calls to ARMSOCDRI2ScheduleSwap

    before SwapComplete arrives, if you are running three applications at
one time,

    each process should wait other two processes which is impossible.


    Change-Id: Ia630e23ac64878328c675be6773f97ec9d839911


commit 0abde2d6003b4245c1234a35d79d4ef3db0c8224

Author: Dave Barnish <dave.barnish at arm.com>

Date:   Wed Jul 16 10:57:28 2014 +0100


    Removed bad assert


    In ModifyPixmapHeader we were asserting that a scratch pixmap's bo

    does not have a dmabuf. We neglected to check whether the scratch

    pixmap has a bo. If it doesn't this assert caused a segfault.


    Change-Id: I9f2eee88f69e9d7c20a3506e618b3eadce716c2a


commit bbb82b80b47b52763fa8a58b68e2d9689d68cd71

Author: Dave Barnish <dave.barnish at arm.com>

Date:   Mon Jul 7 12:20:40 2014 +0100


    Reviewed and revised bo reference counting.


    Change-Id: I9d827678692207101565e235b44b62ffee756dc7


commit f99604d33f315c0d192616f7c225778f01af7a1d

Author: Dave Barnish <dave.barnish at arm.com>

Date:   Thu Oct 3 09:54:57 2013 +0100


    Implemented crtc dpms handling via drmmode_crtc_dpms()


    Change-Id: I8fd0ab095aec0599368ecb3a26832fdc3b2568f9


commit c0b91e2d9579d97ec10eeb8e35bcfa8d0d6be2d5

Author: Paul Geary <paul.geary at arm.com>

Date:   Tue Jun 24 16:06:26 2014 +0100


    Version updated to 1.0.0


    Change-Id: I50807f9a1d6d46a10b9efc69809be8a562db261a


commit 05d9a4dff657c82c5c37ecec0509373809e9ff83

Author: Dave Barnish <dave.barnish at arm.com>

Date:   Wed May 28 10:14:12 2014 +0100


    Minor tidy ups.


    ModifyPixmap asserts that priv->bo exists.

    Fixed whitespace in DestroyPixmap.

    Use unsigned int for swap_id et al. to avoid overflow issues.

    Additional checks on swap_chain usage.

    Removed incorrect comment.


    Change-Id: I284862e647d4542f56afb710497fe2403d9801a2


commit 4469268c4dc82dc8a20b75f1b4dbae5c75277c50

Author: Dave Barnish <dave.barnish at arm.com>

Date:   Wed Jun 11 13:39:57 2014 +0100


    Fixed a memory corruption issue.


    Commit 36c7ca0 "Fix malloc/calloc/free usage" introduced

    a wrongly sized allocation which could cause memory



    Change-Id: I5693e7cd952fbb811a09caf251dbeb8bd23b490a


commit 1d13da045ced12a123db184fff677b0de41d80e6

Author: Eskil Sund <eskil.sund at arm.com>

Date:   Tue Apr 8 13:11:06 2014 +0000


    Enabling n-buffering support when using page flip events.


    DRI2INFOREC_VERSION 6 introduces DRI2SwapLimit which enables us to

    swaps and retrieve next buffer n-times as given by the swap-limit. This

    further enables us to do asynchronous swaps which enables asynchronous

    rendering to n-buffers.


    The swap limit is given by the xorg.conf option DRI2MaxBuffers. If

    DRI2MaxBuffers is not specified no swap limit will be set and behavior

    default to synchronous swaps.


    Notably, this commit bumps up the required DRI2INFOREC_VERSION to 5 as

    by drmAuth. DRI2INFOREC_VERSION 6, with DRI2SwapLimit, is optional.


    Change-Id: Ia39dcd91628172f884eac914938d8ddd4b41aa71


commit 16d0102d7ba794f850f9087c2abe91b900ca4aae

Merge: f16b5c8 3ec703c

Author: David Garbett <david.garbett at arm.com>

Date:   Tue May 6 10:33:31 2014 +0100


    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into HEAD


commit f16b5c842ffd6f80a3091fc893bc2de8162bc49b

Author: Rob Clark <robdclark at gmail.com>

Date:   Sun May 4 17:22:40 2014 -0400


    build fixes




      armsoc_driver.c: In function 'ARMSOCScreenInit':

      armsoc_driver.c:1067:8: error: assignment discards 'const' qualifier
from pointer target type [-Werror]




      drmmode_display.c: In function 'drmmode_set_mode_major':

      drmmode_display.c:357:4: error: passing argument 1 of 'free' discards
'const' qualifier from pointer target type [-Werror]


    Signed-off-by: Rob Clark <robdclark at gmail.com>

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